Taiwan is surrounded by sea on all sides and has many precious marine resources. In recent years, surfing, stand-up paddling, canoeing and other marine activities have become popular. The Executive Yuan proposed the policy response of "Salute to the Sea". In order to encourage recreation and recreation in the sea, the Ocean Commission hopes to build a one-stop website to make recreation in the sea more convenient and close to the people. Therefore, it has contacted our office for cooperation.

The users of the sea are very diverse. In order to understand different points of view, the IOC has invited interviews with fans of various activities to let us know more about the difficulties and challenges they will encounter. This process is often the first in-depth contact between a civil servant and the public. In an interview, a surfing coach shared that they led elementary and middle school students to surf and learn about the ocean for free, and more enthusiastically invited colleagues from the IOC: "You come to Dapeng Bay one day, and I will help you with surfing lessons!" | | Many interviewees who love the ocean are convinced that only by letting everyone know about the ocean can we truly understand the ocean. The IOC’s contractors also told us with shining eyes in the process: "I deeply feel the enthusiasm of these people and their dedication to the ocean. As a small civil servant, I am in this position. What can you do for these people?" Civil servants who were impressed by the passion of the people began to look at this "supervisor" matter from a different perspective. Instead, "I should do something too." Build mutual trust and build mutual trust. Understand and help each other more.


In user interviews, everyone shared their experiences and needs


On the day of the collaboration meeting, we brought everyone in again, and also invited a wider range of "Friends of the Ocean", scholars, experts and marine educators, colleagues from county and city governments in various local waters, and marine patrol personnel. "When on duty at the front line, we often encounter areas that are clearly prohibited from water recreation, but the public will have unclear and unknowable information." Through the first-line sharing of difficulties and challenges, we understand what the platform can provide This kind of service also allows the public to better understand: the original front-line personnel are not blindly banning. Through information transparency, the conflict and burden between the public and law enforcement officials can be reduced.

In the collaborative meeting, everyone freely shared their experience and took the initiative to raise challenges. Players at the meeting said: “Many beginners don’t know how to judge the sea conditions, and they often misjudge the situation and expose themselves to danger.” There is also a surf instructor who said: “Although there are a lot of weather forecast information, can you provide real-time walruses? Can we get first-hand sea state information?" These difficulties have been resolved in the updated version released by the IOC!

The most important core of government digital services is not to emphasize technology, but to see "demand." Friends from all walks of life who have invested in the marine recreation one-stop website have made a good demonstration: the system not only integrates the open information of various ministries and meetings and functions that meet the needs, but also has more clear and simple guidelines on the interface.

There is no perfect service, only suitable service. Only in response to usage habits and rapid changes can we keep up with the needs of the people and the replacement of technology. The organizer firmly said: "We will continue to make corrections!"

One-stop website of ocean recreation platform, welcome everyone to give us more feedback!

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The new version of the one-stop website of the offshore oil and gas platform has a friendly interface and adds many functions that users will use