What do we do ?

To connect Taiwan and the world, PDIS incubates and facilitates public digital innovation and service, optimises the processes and tools of the public service with design thinking, guides the public sector to adopt social innovations and collaborate with communities of practice.


Open Government

Transparency, participation, accountability and inclusion.


Social Innovation

Everyone's business, everyone helps.


Youth Participation

Youth affairs, youth decision.


Brief history of the continuous system policy
At the moment of the sudden outbreak of the epidemic in 2021, rapid epidemic adjustment, rectification and isolation have become an urgent epidemic prevention policy. How can the public and private...
Ministry of Education Youth Development Administration Website...
Would you like to know how young professionals can put their user-centered expertise to work as an external force, with government ministries and vendors during an ongoing contract, and rebuild an ...
Roll up your sleeves to transform the "people-oriented" govern...
Introduction to the government website plan for the physical examination of young students: Let’s take a look at how young students can use design thinking in the two months of summer vacation to d...