Public Digital Innovation Space

We incubate and facilitate public digital innovation and service.

What do we do ?


Work of
Digital Minister

Digital Minister is in charge of open government, social innovation, and youth engagement.



We work with ministries and departments to provide digital services with better efficiency through automated process, structured data and meaningful visualization.


Participatory Governance

We offer guide to private sectors, establish dialogue channels between community, and facilitate peer network for local, national and international partners.


Government website and digital services Rescue Action by Youth project
Through the "College Student Public Sector Internship Program", we recruit young students to collaborate and check whether the "Second and Third-level agencies' Websites of the Executive Yuan" are ...
Create a disaster prevention information system that will not crash when disaster strikes
Combined with the two-stage data of disaster prevention and relief, a single information inquiry portal is established; the system architecture is changed, the minimum resource operation is used in...
All the information related to the price of vegetables is here!
How to apply information technology and integrate the information that each department will master, and this information must also be transformed into structured open data, so that people's informa...