📈 In the business field, whether to invest in a product or service, the investment report rate (Return on Investment, ROI) is often an important reference. Through calculation of the financial formula, the balance of loss and benefit can be understood at a glance.

❓But this approach is difficult to apply directly to activities of public interest. For example, the three-wheeled cars I have introduced, or the “voting guide” website, these innovations result in the public interest which is often hard to represent as the number of input into the report formula. How can we prove that these achievements are effective? This is an important issue in the innovative field of society.

🔄With this increasing demand, many impact assessment methods have been born. For example, the Social Reporting Standard (SRS) set up by the European Union’s Social Reporting Initiative (SRI). Based on the IOOI (input / output / outcome / impact), it presents in its entirety the present organization, related activities, and the aftermath impact.

💵 The Social Return on Investment (SROI), like the investment rate, combines social benefit and the economic model. For example, the calculation result is $4.5, which means that for every $1 invested, you can create a social price value of $4.5.

💁These new evaluation methods, just as the rate of investment and reporting, present the public welfare production of the social association department. They let all those who put into action know how much practical benefit to society and the environment is generated by what they are doing.

📐Many special cases in the public department will have an impact on society. Therefore, impact evaluation has also been widely valued by the government of various countries as a tool to help make decisions. As far as the “open government” is concerned, as a result of withholding the 16th goal of sustainable development of the United Nations, it has now become the principle of all countries in the world. Whether it is application of cross-departmental data, or coordination with the community of citizens, there is a great need for a global assessment, so that the community and the government can connect with each other and move forward successfully.

🌎I am now at the opening of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) Summit in Canada. This year, Taiwan is not only invited to share the experience of “Presidential Hackathon,” but will also cooperate with the scientific and technological community of citizens and representatives of the governments of various countries to make a common endorsement and mutual reference to the evaluation model, so that the effectiveness of the opening will no longer be limited to the number of data sets, but will also measure the impact on people’s lives.

💞There is one of the most active open communities in the world in Taiwan. Based on that, we will adopt the spirit of impact assessment. Through co-creation with citizens, we will condense it into an “Open Government National Action Plan” so that the world can see how the “warm power” of democracy in Taiwan can be transformed into “global impact” for the whole world.