For many years, I have held the attitude of "open innovation", and I am willing to contribute materials to the public domain to share. When I see the results of mashups and reconstructions by netizens, I also look at them from the perspective of appreciation. Today, the development of "Deepfake technology" has advanced to the level where home equipment can operate freely. For creative workers, it is like a tiger with wings; however, for those who do not want to be "re-created", the rapid development of technology is like It turned out to be bad news.

Recently, my avatar and I were "appeared" at the same time in a video produced by the Office of Science and Technology Association, announcing that this phenomenon has entered our daily life.

The props of "Doraemon" can easily solve Nobita's problems, but when it is improperly used by Nobita, it will most likely turn into a disaster, not to mention that it accidentally falls into the hands of the fat tiger. The same is true of audio-visual synthesis technology, which brings incomparable fun to the audience in the audio-visual industry, but also causes many unscrupulous and false audio-visuals to spread around. How should we face the information bombardment with the correct attitude?

Like the prevention and control of infectious diseases, the city closure is only a passive prevention, and only when the vaccine produces antibodies can we return to normal life. Enhancing the public's media literacy and participating in the formation of public opinions is the current Taiwan model to prevent problems arising from deepfake technology. Citizen reporters and we-media workshops let everyone actually familiarize themselves with media production tools. It turns out that “P-pictures” and “data verification” can actually be done by anyone. It’s like getting an “information vaccine”. Antibodies are produced to reduce the chance of being manipulated.

Masters are in the private sector. We have seen civic groups such as the Taiwan Fact-Checking Center and MyGoPen have successively been certified by the International Fact-Checking Alliance, becoming one of the hundreds of international partners in the fight against false information; another example is , the Thai version of, which is verified through mass collaboration; or the Dutch team DROG, which created the Bad News mini-game to allow players to learn "fake news", and the international team Bellingcat, which emphasizes the spirit of open source intelligence investigation. The ability to identify and analyze information.

As for social incidents that affect the rights and interests of victims, the Ministry of Justice also expressed its determination and commitment, held several seminars to solicit opinions from all walks of life, and proposed a criminal law to protect the public from sexual and private crimes without harming freedom of speech. Amendment draft.

I think what the government should do is, on the one hand, to ensure a flexible test field for these innovative technologies, so as to shape the power of citizens and increase the common value of technological innovation; . Just like on the highway, the front and rear cars keep a safe distance, neither overtaking nor lagging behind, in order to keep up with the changes in social routines in time.