On April 27, 2018, the PDIS Group's Total Social Innovation Center held a thirty-second collaborative meeting to discuss the issue of multi-vehicle traffic passing through the Suhua reform.

Suhua changed unplanned traffic locomotive controversy

Suhua changed its name to the 9th line Suhua Highway mountain road improvement plan, started planning in 2009, started construction in 2011, On February 5, 2018, the Suao-East Australia section was completed and opened to traffic, and small cars were opened. Since Suhua Reform did not open locomotives or heavy locomotives, many locomotives protested when they opened up. They believed that the ban on locomotive traffic in Suhua was a discrimination against locomotives and caused controversy.

Suhua change road section overview, the picture is taken from the understanding of Suhua

This case was proposed by the user Xiu Ming on the public policy participation platform on February 5th [Open Suhua changed to multiple vehicles", after the completion of the case on february 9, the threshold of 5,000 people was crossed on march 15. after the discussion of the open government liaison meeting, it became the subject of discussion in the collaborative meeting. the core issue of the case is that taiwanese locomotives are not the same as foreigners. the ministry of communications has long planned the policy of diversion of steam locomotives. taiwan's engineering environment design targets locomotives, and the locomotive driving space has not been properly allocated, resulting in the lack of lane concept for locomotives for a long time. motorcycle policy white paper By strengthening the locomotive driving education and training mechanism, or the elderly people to continue or give up the safety mechanism of using the vehicle, to strengthen the habits of the locomotive family.

The vision and plan presented in the locomotive policy white paper

Locomotive Rights Promotion Association: Suhua Highway is more dangerous than Suhua.

A second person from Hualien said that he would take 20 Suhua Highways a year, on this road. The impression is the word "fear." The Locomotive Rights Promotion Association also believes that for the locomotive family, Suhua Highway has a more dangerous environment, high illegal sections, narrow roads, poor night vision, and longer driving time. In contrast, the Suhua-changed tunnel is much larger and the interior space is more spacious. It should be a safer road. The Gaogong Bureau had previously pointed out that the air and noise in the tunnel affected the body and mind of the locomotive knight, as well as the danger of mixed traffic between the locomotive and the car. Therefore, the Suhua was not allowed to change to the locomotive. The proponent believes that the current air in the tunnel does not affect the body, not to mention the 18-kilometer mountain tunnel in Japan. It is also open to locomotives. It is questioned that the Ministry of Communications has enlarged the small risks and ignored the Suhua Highway. high risk.

The second person explains the danger of Suhua Highway

Department of Transportation: Vehicles are diverted, and there is a safe road

The Ministry of Communications reports that the Suhua Highway has been used for more than 80 years. In the past, the design was actually not so much, so the road section The design is not very good. At present, the Suhua reform plan has improved the situation of the Suhua Highway. As for the Suhua Reform, it was hoped that the impact on the nearby ecological and settlements would be reduced when planning. Therefore, the two-way two-lane road was configured, and the vehicle type was also implemented in stages and diversions.

The Ministry of Communications explained that in the future, Suhua will be replaced by large trucks, passing buses and small buses, and the Suhua Highway will be planned as a rest road, prohibiting the passage of large trucks, only sightseeing buses. , minibuses, locomotives and bicycles. In this way, the big trucks and locomotives that are most likely to be in a car accident will be diverted. These two roads will be safe roads.

As for the opening of the locomotive into the Suhua, due to the speed limit of the Suhua, the locomotive is more likely to cause casualties after the collision, so it is not desirable to open the tunnel where the locomotive passes through the Suhua.

The Ministry of Communications also added that if the typhoon comes and the Suhua Highway is unable to pass, it will plan an emergency response plan for the locomotive to pass the Suhua reform. At that time, the Suhua Reform Association will ban the passage of vehicles above the car. After the locomotive knights gather at a certain place, they will pass through the front and rear guides to pass the Suhua reform. In the follow-up discussion, the host team clarified the arguments agreed by both parties. Everyone hopes to reduce the chance of accidents in the tunnel. It also hopes to strengthen the habits of the locomotives and reduce the casualties of the locomotives on the road.

However, the two sides still have some controversy about some figures. The Ministry of Communications pointed out that the national highway observation of the trial of heavy-duty vehicles found that the probability of violation of locomotives is higher than that of ordinary vehicles; however, the Locomotive Rights Promotion Association believes that the rate of casualties on the national highway is lower than that of ordinary roads. It is a safer choice. The Gaogong Bureau also pointed out that in the past, these roads were rarely discussed with the use of ethnic groups. However, the planning of the Suhua landscape road has already communicated with the local residents in advance, and the needs of the people will be investigated in advance in the future. planning.

Although the heavy machine can have different positions on both sides of the national road, regardless of the Ministry of Communications or the Locomotive Rights Promotion Association, it agrees that the driving concept of the locomotive lane should be promoted as much as possible to reduce the danger of locomotive driving. The discussion in the afternoon discussed how to safely pass the Suhua Highway and the Suhua Reform. After the discussion, the two groups reported the results of their respective discussions.

Group collaboration, preliminary research, trial locomotive has a consensus

The first group began to focus on the reasons why Suhua changed to the locomotive. The Locomotive Rights Promotion Association believes that the temperature and air quality values ​​can be placed at the entrance of the Suhuahuan Tunnel to allow the locomotive riders to choose whether or not to enter. In terms of locomotive roads, more stringent regulations can be formulated to force the locomotives to Drive in a lane-like way and strictly enforce the law through the monitor. If you are concerned that the air quality is too bad, you can also plan traffic control.

The first group discusses the situation

The General Administration of Highways believes that these packages are not enough. According to the General Administration of Highways, the Suhuahuan Tunnel has been planned to exclude locomotives from the beginning, so only one fast lane plus one emergency lane is designed. If the locomotive is to be opened, the design of the tunnel needs to be greatly adjusted, including section, lane, electromechanical, traffic control, and emergency contingency plans. The General Administration of Highways pointed out that the Yamate Tunnel in Japan has specially improved the ventilation of the tunnel in order to allow the locomotive to pass, and added water mist equipment to control the temperature inside the tunnel. In contrast, the Suhuachang tunnel is not planned to allow locomotives to pass, so air quality, temperature control, and even lanes are not suitable for locomotive traffic, because the plan does not cover the results of the locomotive.

However, the General Administration of Highways promised that in the future, it would be possible to issue a package for the research report of the long tunnel of the locomotive, and to evaluate the feasibility of the locomotive passing the Suhua reform. These research reports can be used as reference for Taiwan's long tunnel planning in the future. As for the improvement of Suhua Highway, the discussion in the first group suggests that some sections of the road should be built with tunnels or planned for locomotive lanes. If it is really forbidden to pass large trucks in the future, it should be strictly enforced, and even buses must enter. It should also be reviewed for application. Some sections of the road should be cut and straightened, and the lighting conditions should be paid attention to, and some street lights should be added.

The discussion in the second group has a clear consensus on the trial locomotive traffic. It may be possible to do a trial after all the buses have been opened, so that there will be follow-up information as an assessment of whether the locomotive is open or not. In terms of the tunnel environment, it is also necessary to pre-collect relevant standards such as temperature and air quality of tunnels passing through the international locomotive. The second group of discussions also found that the Locomotive Rights Promotion Association and the Ministry of Communications were inconsistent in the “safety” standards. It is recommended that the follow-up be evaluated together for a focused discussion.

The second group discusses the situation

In the future, I hope that such roads will be evaluated by scholars and organizations related to organic vehicles before planning. I hope that this opportunity will be used to set common standards for the open conditions of locomotives that everyone can accept. Not everyone's standards are different.

After these comments have been completed, the political commissar Tang Feng will bring the conference conclusion to the government conference to report to the Executive Dean and The heads of relevant ministries can get the results of these discussions as a follow-up policy study.

Participants are looking forward to the establishment of an early consultation mechanism

The congressional assistants attending the meeting said that it is very difficult to see that the executive can adopt such a form of meeting and hope that the meeting can have some concrete results. References can also be made to relevant materials. He is also very appreciative of the form of the mind map, thinking that this can see the whole picture of the issue. The official colleagues also said that the issue mental map is clearly organized, more systematic, and the context is clearer. Participants said that only the experience of public hearings had been held before. Today's collaborative meetings are somewhat different from the public hearings. The hosts are relatively neutral and hope to be used in other topics. They think that it is very good to improve the discussion environment. The public hearing will only send a letter, and I don't know if there is any positive action. Participants believe that the government should establish various consultation meetings in the spirit of collaborative meetings in the future. Listen to the voices and ideas of different people before policy planning, and also investigate different evidences. "The previous consultation process should be established. Get up, otherwise this kind of controversy will be more and more."