On May 28, 2018, netizen Zhang Law Enforced Proposal on the Join Platform "Revising the Anniversary and Festival Implementation Measures in Article 5, Paragraph 4, Paragraph 5, Adding the Fifth Section to Add Police and Fire Fighters On the day of the police festival and the firefighting holiday, it is considered that the work of the police and firefighters is highly dangerous and laborious. Uncertainty and overworked work, I hope to increase the day of the holiday and boost morale. In order to clarify the proponents' claims and to think about possible solutions, the PDIS team held a collaborative meeting on July 17th at the Ministry of Finance Information Center.

Regression problem, starting from the cause of overworked

The proposer believes that police duty is dangerous and widespread, and it also gives a lot of overworked conditions. One-day approach to improve the morale of the police, after internal discussions with the relevant authorities, decided to follow the spirit of the collaborative meeting, in addition to the feasibility of a day off, but also explore the reasons for the general overwork.

After several discussions and collaborations before the meeting, we found that the reason for the overwork of the police is the lack of manpower, and the business is too heavy and other related issues. Due to the special work, the police need to work on duty 24 hours a day, so they take the shift. However, because the police are on duty 24 hours a day, many of the ministry's related businesses will ask the police for assistance, but these services have become one of the police's excessive workload. The reform of the country is a related issue in which the police have dealt with the police overwork. It is believed that the police's performance system should be amended to improve the police's overwork. Although the manpower of firefighters is currently not subject to the control of the total number of posts, the local government has a total number of posts, and the increase in firefighting manpower may crowd out the manpower of other bureaus. The business of many units requires the assistance of the fire department to become a heavy business burden for firefighters.

To assist participants in clarifying the context of relevant issues, the PDIS team worked with the Home Office to write the [Question Brochure] for this meeting (https://docs.google.com/document/d/18HfXduTs23Czn7UPtsgSyQ7X-71gnjtkoMt6HBq_JnI/edit) And send it to the participants before the meeting so that the participants can read it in advance.

Meeting situation

The sponsors are expecting a vacation to make the police feel valued.

At the beginning of the meeting, the sponsor proposed a "comparison table for soldiers and police officers", arguing that the police work regardless of storm or snow Uninterrupted, "the complexity is undoubtedly the most arduous among all public servants." But in the face of protests, the police are always a pawn that the public is jealous of, and they can't help themselves. In terms of working conditions, the Police Service Regulations stipulates that it is 8 hours, but each unit has exceptional overtime work every day, and there is no overtime payable. The proponents believe that the military is on holiday according to the regulations of the Ministry of National Defense. The police do not have a holiday at present. They hope that they can have a day off, reduce the number of grassroots troubles and unnecessary performances, and let the police feel that they are valued by the state. In this regard, the Civil Affairs Department responded that if it is to eliminate the holiday, it is necessary to consider other occupations to request the possibility of holiday, which requires overall consideration; the police department believes that if the policy decides to take a day off on June 15th, the police festival If the police department can cooperate with it, there will be no related problems, the related business has been reduced, and the administrative assistance has been reduced from 187 to 167. In 105 years, there was also a letter explaining that the police could subdue the purchase of food. The Police Department said that the police's welfare measures can be obtained from Facebook [NPA Director's Office".

The Fire Department said that if the policy determines the firefighting holiday, the fire department can cooperate. In terms of manpower shortage, as long as the local government can pull up the organs and firefighters, the subsidy will be more. I hope that the firefighting manpower can be increased year by year through this mechanism. In terms of business, the related businesses such as beekeeping and snake hunting have gradually shifted. Go to the agricultural administrative unit or entrust the private sector to handle it. In terms of the welfare of firefighters, there are the maximum amount of time and amount to be paid for overtime pay. Regarding the part of the Fire Fighting Festival that is not required to be prepared for the celebration, the Fire Department's position is in fact consistent with that of the Police Department. It is still necessary to commend some of the best-performing firefighters and charity colleagues in the year. In the future, we will focus on commendation activities and reduce the nature of performance.

The facts clarify the cause of the problem and clarify the current situation

When the facts are clarified, the police force’s participants pointed out that the local government is not aware of the manpower application of the Central Police Department. Unclear about the manpower needs of the localities, the Department and the local government seem to have some gaps in communication. As a result, the local government and the self-governing autonomous projects of the parliament have caused the overhaul of the local police officers and police. It is recommended that the department control the autonomous projects proposed by the local governments. The Police Department responded that in May 2015, the police officers were appointed to assist in the implementation of the principle. It is hoped that the local police station can convince the heads of the local jurisdictions of the local jurisdictions.

There is a police officer's proposal, I hope that in the performance part, do not arrange short-term projects, so that colleagues can be prevented from making illegal forms, such as raising a case or breaking a law. One of the second-party advocates suggested that in addition to the leave, there are always some police officers and firefighters who must be on duty that day. I hope that there will be some benefits on the day of the police festival and the firefighting festival, such as not taking any courses, not waiting for services. Something, only perform urgent tasks, or arrange some other meals, massages and other enjoyment. In fact, this is actually a problem that will be encountered in the performance of the whole world. The same working time, rather than investing in serious work, may sometimes choose to invest in the indicators to meet this performance first. The process of satisfaction may not always be possible. Get the job well done.

The Police Department responded that there were meetings in the department to discuss police projects, appraisals and related projects, and some suggestions. It is hoped that these projects can be considered by local police stations. For example, there are 23 items in the normal part of the evaluation project. However, the Police Department also reminded that some projects are sometimes based on performance, but on the consideration of style and discipline. In terms of "project evaluation", the Police Department is already gradually reducing. I believe that colleagues in the field can feel it slowly. In terms of mitigating performance, the Police Department has invited the teachers of the National Police to set up courses to let more than 400 people who are currently planning performance-related assessments in local police stations to understand how performance is better. After that, relevant scholars and experts will be invited to regularly review the performance of the merger. Among them, an online platform will be planned to allow grassroots police officers to provide advice or to express their opinions on projects and evaluations. In the selection of representatives at the grassroots level, they will also inform all units to understand the opinions of the police and let the grassroots members The police can participate. The sponsors would like to know whether the Civil Affairs Department will use the exclusive anniversary of the police officers as the direction of the law. After the adoption of the anniversary and the draft holiday, it is difficult for the police officers to have a chance to take a day off. The Secretary for Home Affairs has responded that there are many drafts, mostly based on commemorative days and festivals. At present, the Legislative Yuan has great disagreement on whether or not different industries should be on holiday. At present, these drafts are not targeted at specific occupations, and the controversy is mostly in political holidays. The fire department has clarified that guarding the lives and property of the people is the responsibility of the firefighters. As long as the people dial 119, the firefighters will perform the tasks of disaster relief and ambulance, but it can simplify other duties. The Taipei City Fire Department added that the welfare part and the dangerous plus part have been tried twice for the Personnel Administration of the Executive Yuan. The Taipei City Fire Department is trying to double the risk. The manpower segment has increased from 300 to 1,800 people from 2014 to this year. It is very helpful for the firefighters in Taipei City. In the past, they worked overtime and could not ask for overtime pay. Obvious reduction.

Group collaboration status

After a morning clarification, the afternoon meeting focused on whether the day of the holiday is feasible and related, and whether the overwork is resolved Possibly, it is divided into a group of police officers and a group of firefighters, which are discussed separately.

The police team believes that if there is a day off on holidays, there should be no major problems in the service. However, if there is a holiday, the relevant progress activities will have to be adjusted. After all, the election of the former police officer in the police festival is a great honour and seems to need to be held. It has been suggested that it is possible to allow vigilance to take part in a day off to participate in activities. It may also be a direction to think about. In addition, it is also suggested that the celebration of the police festival should reduce performance activities or eliminate performance activities and reduce the burden on the police; At the same time, the grassroots colleagues can decide what activities they should hold.

The part of the police that is busy in work, according to the resolution of the reform of the country, the police department has follow-up measures. Previously, after each business unit completed the project itself, it will do a project evaluation report, but it only ends there. Now the Police Department will adopt a new approach. Every year, we will conduct an inventory and review of the project. We will also invite scholars and experts and invite representatives at the grassroots level to come up and express their opinions on the project. Although the reform of the country was the original resolution of the meeting, the committee was established. However, after the four board members were invited to the police station to participate in the discussion, these members did not oppose the new practice. Luo Bingcheng’s political commissar also supported this direction. The follow-up meeting of the Police Department will be promoted in this direction.

About the appraisal part, some appraisals are based on the position of the central business unit, such as the policy direction of the president, the dean or the minister, but the heads of the county and the city themselves have the responsibility for success or failure in the local public order, and these directions will become the grassroots appraisal. project. If there are too many appraisal projects, it may lead to overworked police. The first group of discussions found that the police department does not want the improperly increased appraisal to cause the police to overwork, and also opposes the grassroots supervisors improperly requesting their colleagues to extend their service hours, or stop the rotation. . At present, the Police Department has a pipeline to respond, such as the existing Director's mailbox or the NPA Director's Office. Some people worry that because the grassroots chiefs need to be promoted, they will ask the following people to improve their performance, which will lead to overwork. However, after discussion, it is found that if the promotion cannot be combined with work performance, it may have problems.

In the improper supervision of public opinion representatives, the members of the police force urged the officers of the police department to support the grassroots colleagues and insist on living according to their positions. However, within the legal scope of the law, some methods may be provided for the representatives of the public. Can respond to the needs of public opinion. These requests for related matters should be handled by the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

Group collaboration status

The firefighter team first shared that the day of the holiday can be divided into "substantial holiday", that is, everyone does not work for a day, and "type holiday", although the day is a holiday, but the person doing the work and the things to do are Do as usual. However, the Fire Festival is a representative festival. In addition to the praise of firefighters, the same day, the colleagues of Yixiao need a grand ceremony. However, in fact, the Fire Festival is not only active on the day, it may be active in the previous week or before, especially the promotion activities. These publicity activities are because the firefighting festival is very close to the Chinese New Year, and it is often prone to fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. Therefore, people need to be cautious.

If firefighters are on vacation, can other public departments or related occupations be compared? After discussion, the staff of the Highway Festival and the Railway Festival are subject to the Labor Law. In terms of public servants, it is possible to dismiss the police on duty and the work is heavy and dangerous. Therefore, there is a legitimate reason for the holiday.

In terms of the shortage of firefighters, if you want to replenish manpower, you must pass exams and training. Training takes a year and a half to be appointed, so if there is a related manpower requirement, it will take two years or even three years to complete. At present, the Fire Department has enriched the fire manpower plan. It is expected to increase by 3,000 people every five years. It is hoped that the firefighters will have time to rest by manpower. In terms of service schedules, ideally, I hope that I can take a break from work. However, in fact, according to the current system, there will be overtime work and still need to make up the manpower. However, each person who fills a person will have more than one million dollars a year, and the burden on local finance is relatively heavy.

The part of overtime pay, the current central subsidy is set at 12,000 yuan, and the overtime pay limit is 17,000 yuan. The difference between 12,000 yuan and 17,000 yuan is paid by the local government. Whether the finance can be loaded can reach the upper limit. In terms of compensatory time off, the current working hours of firefighters are very long, so the cumulative speed of compensatory time off cannot keep up with the speed of vacation. It may be one year, and the rest will not be completed. The discussion mentioned that if the firefighters were originally on vacation, but were recalled, these increased days of vacation due to suspension may not limit the time limit so that they can always find opportunities to catch them back.

At the end of the meeting, the sponsor added that if the government pays attention to the police, the cost of a day off is small, but the police can feel the support of the government. I hope the government can support the proposal and let the police have a chance. Take a day off. He said: "Police and consumerism can only get rid of the formal slogan. It is not the sergeant who says "hard work". The police and the special holiday or a day off can really highlight the significance of this festival." The above solutions, as well as the conference process, will be reported by the Tang Feng political commissar to the heads of the relevant ministries and the dean at the government meeting next Monday, as a follow-up policy to promote reference. Related Mind Map, verbatim record Also It will be open to facilitate the public to understand the relevant process of the meeting.

Tang Feng thanked the participants for their contributions

The sponsor is dissatisfied and thinks that the meeting should focus on the day of the holiday.

Participants pointed out that the content of today’s discussion is actually similar to the previous one. However, this collaborative meeting is an opportunity for The Police Department and the Fire Department can face the problem and answer it once and it works well. However, are there any basis for these answers? The disappearing service will not reappear in another way, and may still need to be verified. Participants pointed out that in the future, if government agencies can be asked to disclose more information for private verification, it can be confirmed that these commitments have been implemented.

There was a teacher who observed that there seemed to be a relationship between the top and the bottom of the meeting, which led to the lack of willingness to speak at the grassroots level. The presence of the legislator may also affect the speeches of the participants, but this may also be difficult to resolve. The proponents thought that these overwork issues were mentioned before, but the government always responded in this way, so they did not want to entangle them on these issues. He believes that the meeting should not discuss the issue of overwork, and should focus on the feasibility of a day off, so that the grassroots staff can feel the police.

Group collaboration status