Since the Executive Yuan established the “Public Digital Innovation Space” (PDIS) in 2016, it has held a consensus camp every year to invite the inter-ministerial “Participation Officer” (Participation Officer, PO) to participate. Five years have passed since then. The system has become more developed.

In order to implement the spirit of “open government”, one of the current operating procedures is to open up public proposals in the “Pick Up Ideas” section of the Public Policy Network Participation Platform (Join Platform) of the Executive Yuan, as long as 5000 people sign up , And then enter the PO monthly meeting to vote, that is, you can select topics to hold a collaborative meeting, invite the people and relevant ministries to discuss together and build consensus among all parties. In addition to proposals from the public, the ministry is also encouraged to make proposals on its own.

POs have handled a total of 90 collaborative meetings, including the “Tax Reporting Software Is Hard to Use to Explosion” Joint Signing Case, “Stopping the Pig Weight Contest” Joint Signing Case, “Salute to the Sea” Fishing Port Designated a Fishing Zone, and “Salute to the Mountains” “To create a one-stop service for climbers, etc. Through the efforts of PO, the results are shown one by one.

With the expansion and deepening of open government services, more and more three-level agencies affiliated to ministries and committees are actively appointing professional personnel in public relations, comprehensive regulation, management examination, information and other businesses to serve as PO together. The number of POs in 32 ministries has also increased from more than 40 in the first year to close to a hundred now.

The beginning of each year is the time to register for the new PO (including initial and renewal). This year, we decided to let the old and new PO make friends, and build a bridge of cooperation through getting acquainted with each other and forming a close communication network (PO Network) to lay a good foundation for collaboration in the coming year.

The theme of this year’s exchange meeting is “Let’s make friends first”, and the location is also chosen in the bright and airy, unfettered Social Innovation Experimental Center, which is completely different from the atmosphere of the Executive Yuan where everyone usually meets. From the introduction of the new PO as an introduction, the POs naturally started to chat… The activity has no agenda, and is carried out in a spontaneous, comfortable and interactive way.

Why bother to design time and space to “chat”? Because, in addition to their own business, the new PO needs to learn unfamiliar open communication tasks, which is unavoidable. At this time, there is a senior PO guide first, and the topic is not limited, and sharing the experience of internal and external communication in the organization is helpful to quickly understand the role setting of the PO.

The activities of the day are arranged. Each group has hens and chicks. Everyone is eager to talk about their favorite topics, and PDIS colleagues listen to them. In sharing, as long as a question is asked, someone will respond. Even if the final answer is not satisfactory, there must be someone listening attentively to the ideas expressed by everyone. This kind of personal experience is also the basic spirit of open government.

For example, there is a PO for the first time asking: Will the business volume increase? If the collaboration fails to condense common values, how will the agency respond? In the process of collaboration, how open and transparent practices and public servants have traditionally played the role of anti-fraud, how do they interact with each other and gradually become a complementary relationship?

Some senior PO also talked about how to actively invite stakeholders to participate in collaborative meetings, instead of just looking for experts and scholars they already know to participate; some people also mentioned how to improve the ability of hosting meetings and how to make multiple opinions can be fully expressed .

After all, if there is a lack of mutual trust between the public sector and the public, and the issues are out of focus, the ultimate social cost will be huge. And the process of opening up the government to “fully express ideas, listen to different positions, and work together to find a consensus” requires a long time of betting. It can be said that the work of grinding an iron rod into an embroidery needle, of which PO plays the most important role: serving as a deep farm. Open up the “seeds” of the government, translate the needs of actors from all sides, and build a bridge of communication.

A relaxed and unrestricted exchange and dialogue, so that POs can get acquainted with each other and establish a network of mutual assistance, and in the next task, they can trust the participation of the people, work together to find core issues suitable for discussion, and introduce the host Technology and technological tools, implement the co-creation spirit of “not eating sugar, but frying sugar in the kitchen”, and try to solve it-although it may not be able to complete the task, as long as it is “not satisfied, but acceptable” A preliminary consensus can create more space for the future and allow public policies to develop in a direction that is more in line with the needs of all parties, is more feasible, and more innovative.