On November 24, 2017, the Time Zone Collaboration Conference was held, and the media and the time zone is GMT+9-438a-836b-25b0b8fb8e1b){:target="_blank"}" is discussed. The second party admits that he believes that most of the supporters of the time zone are still hoping to adjust the time zone so that other countries in the world can understand the difference between Taiwan and China; while the admoners of the objection believe that time zone adjustment cannot achieve this goal. However, it also agrees that Taiwan should make a difference with mainland China. The final issue discusses how the world can see the difference between Taiwan and mainland China, and both sides are satisfied with this.

Both positive and negative sides raised media attention on their respective proposals on the platform

On October 16, 2017, Netizen Yohan Ting proposed on the public policy participation platform "Adjust time zone is GMT+9" proposal, and considers this move "symbolically separate from china's subordination, let the land passengers or foreign tourists who come to taiwan are shallowly aware of the irrelevance of taiwan and mainland china. after the proposal reached the target on the 19th, after media reports, there were several proposals on the platform such as "opposing the adjustment time zone" and "maintaining the time zone in gmt+8". among them, the netizen's water mirror eight odd proposal "china should maintain gmt+8 time zone, oppose adjustment time zone to gmt+9 {:target="_blank"}", think that changing the time zone may affect people's work and rest. It does not help the public to understand different aspects of Taiwan and mainland China, so it does not want to change the time zone. In just two days, the case against the replacement of the time zone also reached the threshold, so the two cases were dealt with.

At collaborative meetings, ministries will try to take stock of the possible impact of changing time zones, from health, work, postage, stock exchange to transportation. among them the ministry of communications has pointed out that the study of daylight saving time abroad, if early One hour, it may cause traffic accidents during the transition, and may also affect the health of some elderly people.

In terms of whether the replacement time zone can achieve "helping the world countries to recognize the difference between Taiwan and mainland China", it is generally considered that the effect is limited. Therefore, it is recommended to promote Taiwan’s soft power or promote Taiwan’s human rights achievements. Help the world to recognize the differences between Taiwan and China. The Tang Feng political commissar will report this result to Dean Lai Qingde and the head of the relevant ministry at the government meeting next week.

The Ministry of Communications report pointed out that the conversion of daylight saving time may lead to traffic and health problems

Supporting party objectors are satisfied with the outcome of the meeting

The supporter said that he is very clear that changing the time zone is only a "fake issue", but the support topic is to let the world see Taiwan and China Although the opposing party believes that the time zone replacement effect is limited, it does not object to let foreign people understand the difference between Taiwan and mainland China.

Key core issues

Since the beginning of the meeting, it was stated that the meeting could not deal with issues other than the power of the Executive Yuan, so the two sides also expressed their understanding. The supporter's second opinion is that the ministry is really very serious. Even the possible impact of the time zone replacement is evaluated. He admires the intention of the ministry. He also said that this move allowed him to see the sincerity of the government; the opponents also laughed. Said that the ministry will deal with the case in the time zone so seriously, "let him have confidence in the government."

The supporter said that if everyone seriously discusses whether the time zone is revised today, he will leave early because it is a waste of time in the fight against the ball; but because the theme was pulled to "how to improve visibility", he Very satisfied with the way this meeting is conducted. The opponent of the opposing party also believes that the core of this time is Taiwan’s national identity issue. In fact, it has not been as opposed to media reports.

How to let the public see the value of the collaborative meeting, it will be the future challenge

The official colleagues of the meeting said that the community will sometimes put forward ideas on the platform, perhaps very fresh, but many These issues are not an urgent problem for the society.

He pointed out that the society often talks about issues of concern to each other. If you have the opportunity to focus on each other through collaborative meetings and rationally clarify the issues, it should be a good way.

But he also admits that it is not easy to understand what kind of meeting this is if there is no actual participation in the collaborative meeting. How to let politicians or people see the value of collaborative meetings is a big challenge. But unfortunately, the people seem to often regard the platform as a channel of love. Collaborative meetings do have to spend more time and resources on the process.

He suggested that if the issue is allowed in the future, perhaps you can try to invite the legislators to come to the collaborative meeting to see. After all, the society often thinks that it will be fine after the end of the lecture, and the public hearing will often be said in various ways. Through the process of collaborative meetings, we can rethink the different opinions of many stakeholders.

This colleague believes that if a major issue can be discussed by the government or a certain party in the future and conducted in a collaborative meeting, it may be possible to eliminate unnecessary noise and confusion, so that everyone can focus on the core. The issue also helps decision-makers to see the different contexts of the issue and make decisions that are easier to implement in the future.

Participants conduct collaborative meetings