⛰ There are more than 200 mountains higher than 3,000 meters in Taiwan, while Japan, which has an area 10 times that of Taiwan, has little more than 10. In addition, the development of Taiwan in the past several hundred years has left a lot of humanistic scenery in the mountains and forests. Under the multiplication of the advantages of climate, geography, and people, the mountains and forests of Taiwan have rich background and resources in all fields, such as hiking, rock climbing, stream tracing, camping, bird watching, teaching, and so on, which are waiting for the exploration and experience of the people from the country and the rest of the world.

🔓 Over a long period of time, due to safety control and other considerations, many mountains and forests in Taiwan have been blocked and restricted to varying degrees, which have prevented the mountain friends from access. However, under the guidance of Premier Su and the coordination of Minister Chang Ching-sen, the Executive Yuan has passed the mountain forest control measures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Agriculture Committee, and the Ministry of State Defense, hoping to drastically loosen the restrictions and provide more opportunities for people to get close to the mountains and forests on the premise of maintaining sustainable living conditions.

🍲 At the same time, the government has also moved beyond the practice of acting blindly irrespective of reality when formulating mountain and forest policies. Instead of sitting in air conditioned rooms to think about mountain affairs, we opened up “mountain climbing activities management” in the “Talk” section of the public policy participation platform (Join.gov.tw) of the National Development Council. We would like to welcome all citizens to provide advice and criticism on mountain and forest policies.

📢 This year’s national discussions are divided into five major themes: “Opening forests,” “Information transparency,” “Facility services,” “Mountaineering education,” and “Responsibility commitment.” The content of the discussions are open to the public, from the conception before the mountaineering, the clarification of the responsibility, to the control loosening before accessing the mountain, the redesign of the application process , and to the mountain house construction and the establishment of additional communication base stations after entering the mountain, etc. It can be said to include various aspects of mountain activities, which is worth everyone’s wisdom together.

🙋 In just a few seconds, you can choose “yes” or “no” to express your position to others’ opinions on the mountain and forest policy. You are also welcome to further share your innovative ideas.

💞 After September 30, the relevant departments and councils will review all the messages one by one according to the scope of their responsibilities, and discuss how to adopt the “Group-Informed Consensus.” In this way, the messages that resonate among the masses will become part of the mountain and forest policy of Taiwan for the benefit of all.

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