On November 3, 2017, an open government liaison collaboration meeting was held on ["East and West Corridor". (https://join.gov.tw/idea/detail/2abb840c-b02a-4cbe-8bd2-b7a6db5099a3){:target="_blank"} topics for discussion. After discussion at the venue, local fishermen and diving enthusiasts agreed on the importance of sustainable fisheries, but there are still different imaginations in the follow-up.

Because the meeting was concerned by many local residents, this time the first and second venues were opened. The first venue was hosted by the project consultant Zhang Fangrui, so that all stakeholders could collaborate on the issue together; the second venue was hosted by the political commissar Tang Feng, which opened a citizen forum for local residents to present their opinions and sli The .do way to give feedback to the first venue.

Concerned residents crowded the second venue

Strengthening childcare, need to bet resources to strengthen law enforcement

Local fishermen's friends said that when the Ocean National Park was established three years ago, the public hearings only listened to opinions, but not because of everyone's differences. Opinions and adjustments have made many fishermen unhappy. Moreover, many of the promises of the Ocean Park at the time were not completed yet. Now we have to discuss the "fishing-free zone" and make many fishermen angry.

After on-the-spot discussion, we found that in addition to the "completely no-fishing zone", there are many ways to protect fisheries, such as fishing gear, fishing laws, or prohibition in specific fishing areas; Everyone also found that the sea patrol and the Baoqi Corps had insufficient resources for law enforcement due to limited resources.

The local team leader Xiao Zaiquan pointed out that the Marine National Park has a resident and three police officers on Dongji Island. It is relatively easy to enforce the law, but it is beyond the reach of the East Coast. In the east and west of Pingyu, there are often illegal electric fish and fishing with bottom thorn nets. Therefore, although it is the same as the east and west corridors, it is a prohibited area for bottom thorn nets, but the fish stocks have not been revived so far.

Moderator Zhang Fangrui interviewed local village chief in Dongji Island

China's iron-shell fishing boats can still fish when the 10th level is stormy, but the 8th sea patrol station cannot go to sea due to the size of the ship; therefore, it is proposed that the seven-year station should be stationed in the sea to effectively fight China. The iron-shell fishing boats crossed the border to the waters of the Penghu Lake to destroy the ecology; but the colleagues of the Haibang Customs said that this requires more resources to be built in the seven-year construction. Everyone found that only by betting more resources can local police and sea patrols have the ability to enforce the law.

For the consensus that "local species should be further investigated", the Fisheries Department's colleagues also agreed to strengthen research and hope to further understand the ecological habits of migratory fish as the basis for the sustainable development of future fisheries.

These comments have been collected on digital whiteboard, at the next week’s government meeting, by Don Feng told the Executive Dean and the relevant heads of the report, let everyone understand the context behind the issue, and in the future, when promoting relevant policies, they will know what issues to consider.

Double venue design, information transmission still has a gap

The reporter interviewed today pointed out that the first meeting received a formal official notice, and had the opportunity to express opinions on the whole venue, but the second There were also fishermen’s groups protesting and expressing their demands in the traditional way. Although their voices were not immediately transmitted to the first venue, the fishermen also sent representatives to the first venue, so the situation was good.

The government colleagues also pointed out that there are good and bad ways to divide the two venues. In terms of benefits, the first venue can discuss issues well, and the second venue can deal with the feelings of fishermen. However, the information transmission from the second venue to the first venue is limited by the space-time environment, and there is indeed room for improvement.

Ocean Citizens Foundation Reports Collaborative Meeting Results

Local fishermen’s friends said that the official documents of the meeting should be provided earlier so that they have time to collect the voices of the local fishermen. Sun Jizhi also suggested that the background of the issue should be attached to the official document. After all, not everyone has been involved in the issue for a long time. Without background information, the quality of participation in the conference will be reduced. If you ask for your comments in advance, you can also clarify your own opinions through the process of sorting out the opinions. The speeches at the meeting will be more precise, rather than being present. On the presiding side, a township head of the meeting said that he felt that the meeting mainly discussed the preservation of the East and West Corridors, but the afternoon collaboration meeting was discussing the enforcement of the sea patrol and the security of the seven. He believed that the focus should be Rather than entangled in law enforcement. However, he said that he sponsored Mark to mark the issue in a way that gradually confirmed the facts. He believed that such a practice made the issue clear.

Is the mental map helpful? Whether it is a fisherman's representative or a township chief, they think that the mind map has a certain degree of help. The representatives of the Fisheries Association believe that these issues have been discussed before, and everyone is clear about the context. But whether it is a fisherman's representative or a township chief, how can you use a mind map for the follow-up? Can you tell the fishermen about the contents of this meeting? They all feel that they need to try and observe again. However, the official colleagues who participated in the collaborative meeting for the first time said that he was surprised that the participants could present their ideas at the meeting and let the government agencies see the direction of future policy promotion. This is his participation in the meeting. A situation that has not been thought of before. He believes that this form of meeting can help participants to express their ideas, and to build consensus on follow-up solutions, and to fully express different positions through the Internet.

The digital gap is difficult to make up, and the collaborative meeting needs more translation

This meeting is mainly mobilized by the proponents using the Internet, while the relative stakeholders are mainly fishermen, so many participants Both observed a gap in information. For example, the notice of this meeting was announced by the Wuhu County government on the Internet, but many fishermen and township representatives hope to get the paper and respect them. The township heads attending the meeting also said that the report of the government ministry at the beginning was too difficult for the fishermen and hoped that the future language could be more friendly.

Local fishermen’s group protested at the second venue

The civil servants who participated in the meeting observed that many fishermen do not necessarily understand the mechanism of the network connection because of the digital gap. It is easy to think that it is the same as the past briefing. It is mistaken for the government to force the passage of the no-fishing zone. The atmosphere is a bit opposite. However, as the meeting progressed, everyone found that opinions would gradually be included in the mind map, and then they would be more moderate and even willing to participate in collaborative meetings.

A reporter interviewed at the scene also said that netizens in the online world are accustomed to express their opinions on the Internet or in words, but for fishermen, they may be accustomed to using the way of speaking, so in terms of information expression, Need to design more balance methods. The government colleagues also found that fishermen's friends are generally not familiar with the Internet and are not accustomed to expressing their opinions in words. Therefore, the "speaking statements" and other mechanisms set up on the spot are not helpful to the fishermen to express their feelings. They are more accustomed to traditional protests. Ways to express appeals. "Internet villagers don't want to go to the local people in their own way," said the official. Sun Jizhi of the Ocean Citizens Foundation suggested that if there are sufficient resources for future collaborative meetings, in addition to providing information in advance, you can also use interviews to collect opinions from local residents and let them use the most familiar. Ways to express your own appeals can also accommodate more opinions.

The sponsors, fishermen and relevant ministries will hold a collaborative meeting