The mission of social enterprises can be transformed into unlimited business opportunities? The practice from Fuxiyuan and 2021 social enterprises may be confirmed.

🏡 Entering the Tanmei House in Taoyuan District of Kaohsiung, the room is full of plum fragrance. Mr. Gao, the peasant who guided us, said that these "mei embryos" can be processed into plum sauce and dried plums. These are the main products of 2021.

After the Morakot disaster, in order to make the rebuilt Xiaolin Village really take root, Cai Songyu, the president of the Xiaolin Reconstruction and Development Association, began to look for the real estate industry. After stumbled upon the "Old Plum Cream" made by Xiao Linmei, he founded the 2021 social enterprise in the name of the local national roads 20 and 21, and worked hard to develop the "Plum economy."

💰 "When people say that they are giving him fish, it is better to teach him to fish, and we are making fish." Cai Songyu said that farmers sell green plums at an average of only 10 yuan per kilogram, and they signed contracts with Menon to guide and brew. Mei Technology buys the plum embryo at a price of 35 yuan per kilogram, and the profit directly returns to the farmers.

In the future, 2021 will also develop leisure agriculture. The development of the “Meihao Economic Circle” is just around the corner.

The other side of the Central Mountain Range is full of fragrance. Into the German small, who has been idle for more than ten years, Chen Rending, chairman of the Suntech Community Association, has a warm guide. He picks up the mint leaves and lemon grass. It turned out that they adopted a small German and transformed it into a vanilla laboratory.

As early as the Japanese Empire, Suntech Village was a herb planting base. Chen Rending, who resigned and returned to his hometown, decided to revive the community, invest in trials, and invite residents to work together. At present, the local herb planting area has reached seven hectares. The excellent environmental quality has also attracted many partners. One of them is the social enterprise “Fufuyuan”, which is the main social washing company.

🌱 Since the Fuxi Garden advertises zero chemical addition, the quality of the vanilla as raw material is sloppy. For this reason, CEO Zhan Ruhui traveled all over Taiwan.

The land and water quality of Taitung is excellent. In addition, Suntech does not apply fertilizer and does not sprinkle pesticides. It is in line with her philosophy. Fuxiyuan is even directly produced and packaged locally.

🌎 Adhere to the concept and let Fuxiyuan gradually gain a foothold. Since last year, Fuxiyuan has entered the supermarket channel and entered the international market. Zhan Ruhui revealed that when she was in Canada, she had encountered a CSR purchase from a well-known company. When the other party understood the social enterprise concept of Fufuyuan, she said that she would not bargain and negotiate directly at the original price.

2021 and the experience of Fuxiyuan let me see that the social mission is not only invaluable assets, but also contains high commercial value. How can social enterprises develop sustainably? The answer lies in the social enterprise itself.