On February 2, 2018, PDIS held a meeting in the conference room of the Ministry of Finance Information Center [All National Forest Parks, Paradises, Open Pets with rabies Injection Certificates, and Wafer Certificates.

After discussion, there are areas with rabies and wild animals, and the tendency is still not to open pets. As for areas that can be opened, the owner should also be responsible for the corresponding owner, such as using a leash or carrying a pet to carry the pet.

The first group discussed the status of the inventory to the Wildlife Conservation Law, the Animal Protection Law, and suggested that the owner of the owner’s responsibility to carry the pet to the highly developed forest amusement park; the second group The idea can be used to remind the owner of the area where the pet can move through the mobile device. After the collection, these opinions were submitted to the political commissar Tang Feng for reporting to the Executive Dean and relevant government council members as a reference for follow-up policy research.

Collaborative meeting, focusing on the impact of pets to the forest play area

On November 12, 2017, netizen Mi Da raised the case on the Join platform, hoping to create a pet-friendly environment. Pets can enter the National Forest Park and Paradise in the whole country together with the owner. Subsequently, at the Open Government Liaison Meeting on January 8th, after the ministries opened the voting of the Government Officers (PO), the case was selected as the topic of the collaborative meeting.

The main focus of the case is "to bring pets to the forest play area, what impact it may have." Under the assistance of the Agriculture Bureau of the Council of Agriculture, two key points can be summarized:

  1. Diseases: In addition to rabies, there are also diseases such as canine distemper, canine parvovirus and canine heartworm, except for possible In addition to being transmitted by wild animals to pets, it may also be transmitted from pets to wild animals, causing the death of wild animals.
  2. Interaction: In the case of common dogs, dogs are predators and may chase, intimidate or hunt animals. The smell left will also change the path of habits, affect their lives, and even May cause rabies-positive animals to move to a wider area. Pets in the wild may also be attacked by wild animals.
Proposer reports before the meeting

The forest recreation area in Taiwan has no pet regulations. However, after the discovery of rabies in 2013, the Council of Agriculture issued a notice prohibiting dogs, cats and mammals from entering the forest recreation area. In terms of scenic spots, some pets are forbidden to enter, while others are allowed to enter the vaccination, and they are allowed to enter the pet with ropes and cages. There are also scenic spots where pets are open. After the materials are compiled, they are written in the issue manual and sent to the participants beforehand so that everyone can understand the relevant regulations and risks beforehand. At the beginning of the meeting, after the sponsor, the second party and the Forest Service report, it was pointed out that the "pet" should have a specific definition, otherwise today's meeting is difficult to carry out. After some discussion, everyone decided to set the tone first, with "dog" as the subject of discussion.

The COA explains the principle of "two different things" to prevent rabies

There are also scholars attending the topic to supplement the content of the topic manual. Some wild animals may hear the sounds, or visually see tall animals, and may also affect them. For example, some voices are very far away, and some animals may be far away, and animals that should have been seen may not be visible. However, some people have asked questions on sli.do. Does anyone have a similar impact? The scholar added that after the day after tomorrow, animals should have a certain degree of learning for these sounds and smells, and they will not be afraid.

Group discussion to find out the factors for opening pets to enter

In the afternoon, the focus is on the criteria for "opening and not opening pets (fordogs) into the forest recreation area" and "Access measures for open access". Both groups believe that if there are highly sensitive wild animals in the forest play area or rabies-affected areas, pets should not be opened. During the discussion in the first group, some participants pointed out that there is currently no law in Taiwan restricting pets from entering the forest recreation area with wild animals, but other participants believe that according to the relevant laws and regulations such as the Forest Law and the National Park Law, The play area can be authorized to decide whether to limit or not.

It was also mentioned that the Wildlife Conservation Law and the Animal Protection Law have the status of stacked bed houses. It is suggested that the government should unify the relevant laws and set uniform standards. In terms of implementation, some forest recreation areas lack door control, and the relevant management personnel do not have police power. I am afraid that it is necessary to introduce a mechanism for public inspection to issue penalties for illegal owners. Some scholars have also pointed out that pets in the shallow mountain area lack control, and the owner lacks awareness of the responsibility of the owner. It may be necessary to find ways to deal with the pet management problem in the shallow mountain area.

If you want to open your pet into the forest play area, participants also believe that the owner should do their duty to the owner. In addition to regular vaccination, pet chip and registration certificate, if you are carrying a forest play area with open pets, you should also place the vehicle or use a leash. Let the pet fall to the ground.

The second group discusses the situation

The proposer believes that the fundamental solution is to strengthen life education and strengthen the owner's perception of his own responsibility, such as taking the responsibility of the owner into the law, requiring the owner to obtain the license, or including the responsibility of the owner in the future announcement. Wait. The second group specifically discussed that sometimes it is difficult for the owner to understand the different regulations of different play area regulations. It was suggested that mobile devices could be used to alert people when they walked into areas where access was forbidden to prevent people and pets from entering areas that they should not.

It was also mentioned that the government should deal with the long-term situation of the "Animal Protection Law" and the "Wild Animal Conservation Law". It is recommended that the government should take stock of the current regulations and plan a consistent management approach.

At present, the prohibition of pets entering the forest recreation area is based on the needs of rabies epidemic prevention. Based on the National Park Law and the Wildlife Conservation Law, the forest recreation area should also be authorized to set rules on its own, so that local conditions can be adapted to local conditions. the way. However, some participants still believe that the current law is insufficient, and believe that the government should find ways to amend the law so that the forest recreation area can have a source of law prohibiting the owner from carrying pets and causing damage to highly sensitive wild animals. At the same time, the forest recreation area should be open. The owner of the owner’s responsibility can have a legal basis when carrying a pet.

For the results of the discussion, the political commissar Tang Feng will report to the Dean, Lai Qingde, and other relevant ministers at the government meeting on February 5; the Forestry Bureau colleagues also mentioned that after returning to the existing mechanism, the meeting The results will be included in the next seminar, as an important reference.

Pre-conference data sending time, case follow-up tracking mechanism, there is still room for improvement

This collaboration meeting invited relevant scholars to attend. The official colleagues said that the participation of these scholars did have a discussion on the topic of help. They may also be the research and scholars invited by the Forest Service in the future, and they can bring the conclusions of the meeting to future conferences.

The first group discusses the situation

As for the issue manual, it is helpful for both the official staff and the participants. However, some participants pointed out that the timetable for the issue manual was insufficient, which led to room for improvement. In other words, if the manual touches the wider face and gives participants more time to read in advance, it will save time in the collaborative meeting and confirm the consensus of all parties.

Participants have reminded that the form of collaborative meetings can make everyone speak very well, but there is still a way for the consensus of the meeting to form a policy. Participants should be made aware of how these things are being decided, and not just what policies are implemented, but should explain why other consensuses have not been implemented.