🔽 The “Can’t Stop This Party” is holding its founding meeting this afternoon. In recognition of the idea that joy promotes generational integration and realizes freedom and democracy, I sent a flower basket based on catmint as a token of my blessing and support.

🌱 More than 20 years ago, several young people put forward the concept of “Happy & Hope,” in an attempt to dilute the tragic atmosphere accumulated in the development of democracy, and to open up more communication and understanding between generations and ethnic groups through different means. The results are well known: They have turned politics around in Taipei, and further, Taiwan’s fortunes.

🥭 Today, the so-called “Dried Mango” reminds us that we are indeed facing formidable social and environmental challenges. For many friends, caution and seriousness are essential. There’s nothing wrong with that.

🌳 But, a brave, confident, and undivided Taiwan is the premise of all answers. In other words, if we get caught in the internal conflict and stop listening to each other, we might risk losing the liberal democracy we cherish today.

🏡 Therefore, any way to promote dialogue and build consensus deserves encouragement and experiment.

🌏 That is where the hope is.