🛰 This April, the Talent Circulation Alliance (TCA), jointly sponsored by the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, was officially established.

💡 My office (Public Digital Innovation Space, PDIS) was also invited to provide technical services for the online public consultation conducted by TCA. Similar to the Digital Dialogue series jointly organized by AIT and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the pol.is system has been used to construct a dialogue platform (📲website: tca.talksto.tw) to enable participants interested in this topic to express opinions and brainstorm ideas.

🔄 Brain drain is regarded by many people as a serious national issue. Yet, when we consider the example of Morris Chang, founder of TSMC, we can see that as long as a conducive environment and system exist, talents do not just flow in one direction but rather in circulation.

📶 The experience sharing, cultural integration and social interaction promoted by a transnational mobility process enabled the value of talent circulation flow into all levels of society. Of course, teleworking arises with 4G and 5G technologies, further enabling mutual exchange of talented people at speed of light.

🍀 TCA aims to cultivate a talent pool that possesses professional competence, international vision and digital technology expertise. Four goals have been proposed:

🔭 First, recreating a success story for Taiwan’s industry in a digital age. In fact, one of the key reasons that Taiwan’s industry has been able to develop to its current state is because of the repatriation of talents who have studied or worked abroad. As long as this story can continue, the circulation of talents in Taiwan will surely extend into the future.

💼 Second, promoting the circulation of talent among like-minded economies, including the United States.

🎫 Third, building a local talent pool and laying a foundation for Taiwan’s transformation into an innovation-based economy.

🌐 Fourth, enhancing Taiwan’s international visibility through professional exchange in the private sector, academic circles, and international NGOs, expanding Taiwan’s participation in and contribution to global solutions.

📖 In addition, TCA will summarize the key content of the above public consultation into the “Talents Program Big League Plan White Paper”, which will be incorporated into the annual “Taiwan White Paper” of the American Chamber of Commerce. It will target the administrative, regulatory and legal barriers to talent circulation and propose concrete and pragmatic solutions as a reference for subsequent governments to work on.

🥇 In September this year, the “Expat Insider” survey released by the world’s largest foreigner community “InterNations” indicated that Taiwan is considered by foreigners all over the world as the “best place to move to and work in”. It came first in a list of 68 countries and this is the second time that Taiwan has won this award. This confirms that Taiwan indeed possesses excellent conditions for attracting talents from around the world and can definitely hold its own in the global talent cycle.