Users of the Internet nicknamed "One Week King" on August 4, 2017 Proposal on the Join Platform, I hope the government will ask the car dealers to take responsibility for the vehicles that still have problems after leaving the factory.

In just 14 days, this proposal has accumulated 5250 users to the platform for approval.

After the discussion of the monthly meeting of the government liaisons (PO), the ministry decided to hold a collaborative meeting on September 20th, inviting netizens, guild representatives, and Che'an Center to collaborate with relevant ministries, clearing Contents of the issue, find a workable solution.

> The American economist, Professor George Akerlof of the University of California, Berkeley, published a paper in 1970, "The Lemon Market: Quality Uncertainty and Market Mechanisms" (TheMarket)ForLemons:QualityUncertaintyandtheMarketMechanism) In the article, the sour "lemon" is used as a used car. After the concept was extended, Volkswagen used the "Lemon Car" to call the vehicle after the factory, and the corresponding consumer protection. The law is called the "lemon method."

Clarifying the institutional issues behind the issue

At the beginning of the collaborative meeting, the parties pointed out that many people who bought a new car may be modified by the importer or the defects of the vehicle parts. It is not safe to drive a new car that has just been purchased. When the buyer reacts to the car dealer, sometimes the customer service window of the repair does not continue to follow the contact after the verbal response, or ask the buyer to contact the dealer. The dealer has another question, which has caused the vehicle problem to be difficult to repair.

In response, the Ministry of Economic Affairs responded: They are willing to actively assist in solving this problem. In consideration of the US Lemon Car Bill, the Ministry of Economic Affairs will revise the stereotyped contract for selling cars in Taiwan. In the future, if a new car has a storm, a brake failure, a sudden fire, a sudden flameout, an engine temperature rise to the limit, or other problems affecting safety, it is a major problem.

For the "repeated repair", the new version of the finalization contract is expected to be set within a minimum of 120 days and 12,000 kilometers. If the same problem is extended, the related maintenance will be more than 4 times, or 120 days. In the meantime, because the repair caused 30 days without a scooter, and can not be used (notcountingthenumberofdelayeddrivingdays), it can be regarded as repeated repairs, request to cancel the purchase contract, or replace a new car of the same model.

After the break at noon, enter the collaborative discussion time in the afternoon. The host Zhang Fangrui picked out two major themes: the definition of "major shackles" and "repeated repairs." After group discussions, whether it is the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Ministry of Communications, or the consumers and car dealers attending the meeting, everyone agrees that in the future, it is necessary to establish a fair and objective organization that everyone can trust to carry out major or repeated repairs. Identification.

The results of these discussions, will be brought to the government meeting by political commissar Tang Feng, The report of the Executive Dean and the relevant Administrative Council members also allows the colleagues of the future public service organs to have more information for reference when promoting relevant policies, and also allows them to have materials to explain to the Chief Executive.

Helping the public service system to grasp the issue context early

How do you see your official colleagues? They generally believe that such a meeting will bring a workload. Some people worry that if the meeting can't converge to the consensus and always have opinions to communicate, it may continue to open. Although collaborative meetings are usually prepared, a general consensus or principle can be obtained once, but not all government agencies can handle this. Sometimes, the question of decision may involve a trade-off in value. While the institution expresses its position, it also needs to spend more thoughts to calm the mood.

The issue of co-ordination handled by the Collaborative Conference, although the public is very concerned, but for the public servants, it is not necessarily a major political task assigned by the Chief Executive. Under the limited time resources, sometimes when the internal resources are dispatched within the organization and the people's problems are solved, they are also worried that they will be considered as "cannons and small birds." However, some colleagues believe that although these issues are small at first glance, sometimes through in-depth discussions with the parties through collaborative meetings, it will be discovered that this small problem may involve large structural problems and can also see the public system. A blind spot that cannot be found alone.

It is said that the handling of such issues in the past is often the meeting of the ministry, which is often biased by the public and the conclusion is not easy to be trusted. However, at the collaborative meeting hosted by the Executive Yuan PDIS (PublicDigitalInnovationSpace), because of the participation of inter-ministerial meetings, there are also complete procedures for hosting and recording, and the public also trusts the conclusions of the meeting. In terms of follow-up influence, there are also official colleagues who said that because Tang Feng reported the conclusions of the meeting at the government meeting and reported to the ministers of the ministries in the quarterly open government promotion meeting, so that when the policy decision is made in the future, there will be Multiple opinions can be consulted, and there will be no opinions from specific levels of chiefs. Through the different channels such as the Collaborative Conference, the Joining Platform, and the vTaiwan Digital Economic Adaptation Platform, the chief of the head office can have more reference and make more comprehensive decisions.

However, collaborative meetings are not necessarily panacea. Some official colleagues believe that if the issue does not converge into a specific direction before the meeting, and rashly asks everyone to brainstorm through the form of collaborative meetings, it may not be fruitful. If the policy is directly handled by the Administrative Officer, the transaction system does not necessarily have room for resolving the problem through a collaborative meeting, or even asking the Chief to rethink the direction. After all, public servants are also worried that after they have submitted their opinions, they may be liquidated at certain times. They may not necessarily dare to use this process to request the sergeant to refer to more opinions in order to revise the policy direction.

Corporate colleagues collaborate with the public
Corporate colleagues collaborate with the public

All parties involved in policy development early and deal with disputes early

How do the parties involved in the collaborative meeting see it? The proponents said that in fact, a long time ago, they sent a letter to the Minister of Communications’s mailbox to complain about it, but they have never heard back. When I was on the Join platform this time, I thought that it would be a sea of ​​stones. I didn’t expect that after 5,000 people had been rushed through the meeting, I was able to hold this meeting and invite them to participate. They saw that the government did open the door so that more public opinion could be heard. As a result, the public had a platform to express their opinions, instead of "the government did it first, and the public expressed disapproval", but there was no room to correct the policy direction. .

There are also parties who wish to subsidize the transportation expenses of the participating parties, so that they are more motivated to attend the meeting; if they do not come, they should also have a replenishment mechanism to allow other parties to attend.

Car dealers suggest that if they can provide an analysis of the issues early, they can first gather their own consensus in the company, or know which representatives to attend. This collaborative meeting is suitable for inviting technical departments to attend, but because everyone mistakenly believes that it is related to customer complaints and law enforcement, it is a pity that only customer service or legal personnel will be present.

Because this is an early consultation, these representatives are also very curious. Later, when the policy is implemented, will it be consulted again? They believe that there should be a pipeline to express opinions on specific provisions in order to achieve a complete effect.

The representative of the car dealer pointed out that in the past, the policy consultation of the government often had a corresponding draft before the meeting was held and the representatives of the car dealers were invited to attend. Meetings are often meetings of traditional government officials. After the government officials report, everyone does not necessarily have to listen. If the opinions are given, they will not know whether they will receive them.

This collaborative meeting invited consumers to hear the voices of consumers early and let the officials collaborate on the table. In addition to stimulating everyone's thinking and avoiding dozing off, this kind of practice also allows everyone to have room to understand different opinions and then discuss consensus.

The car dealers said that in fact, the business community has long used this approach to converge the consensus among employees. "The government has finally caught up with private companies." They believe that prior discussion is a good thing and can feel the government. It is relatively open, and it is willing to let the stakeholders reach a common consensus as early as possible, so that the dean and the government team can understand the context of the issue early, instead of living in the ivory tower as in the past.

Continuously conducting collaborative meetings, PDIS will enable all stakeholders and the colleagues of the public service to be in the same context. The Administrative Officer does not have to make a decision, and the Officer can know how the policy should be drawn and Execute to avoid subsequent risks. In addition to helping the Executive Yuan to respond to the corresponding issues early, it also hopes that the policy will be more in line with the needs of the people. It will not only solve the immediate problems of the people in time, but also reduce the impact of future policy implementation to enhance the satisfaction of governance. Collaborative meetings are not the end of communication, but the beginning of future communication.

After the group discussion, participate in the public report results
After the group discussion, participate in the public report results