On January 30, 2019, netizen Yu Zeyu proposed on the public policy network participation platform, requesting [full opening of fishing port and fishing and construction of fishing platform". In his proposal, he pointed out that the port area is a safe fishing place. The government should fully open the fishing port for fishing. At the same time, he also proposed some management rules, such as setting up life-saving equipment, prohibiting fishing from excessive winds, prohibiting throwing garbage, and not blocking. The fishing boat should enter and exit, and the fishing boat should be allowed to pass. After the proposal was approved on February 26th, the Executive Yuan conducted an appeal analysis and feasibility assessment based on the key points of the open government liaison, and the main appointing machine officially responded on the platform on April 26; therefore, PDIS On April 3, 2019, a collaboration meeting was held at the Badouzi Fishery Club to discuss the feasibility of this issue.

Fishing port disputes are more than full of fishermen and fishermen

The fishermen group pointed out that according to the fishing port law, the competent authorities of the fishing port shall, in the absence of obstructing the operation, safety and pollution of the port area, designate areas and provide relevant measures to publicize the fishing of the public. However, after the regulation was finalized, there were only 222 first-class and second-class fishing ports in Taiwan, and only 18 fishing ports were open for fishing. Most of the fishing ports did not open fishing for fishing.

Fishing fishermen fishing in fishing port

In the 2019 budget review, the Legislative Yuan's Internal Affairs Committee requested the Sea Guard to actively impose penalties on illegal fishers. The patrol of the sea patrol caused the anger of the fishermen, so this proposal was only made.

In addition to the public policy network participation platform proposal, the fishermen also went to the Legislative Yuan and the Executive Yuan. At the meeting on March 21, Chen Qimai, the deputy dean of the Executive Yuan, listened to the instructions of the fishermen. In the next two months, the Ministry of Communications, the COA and the fishing friends should discuss 50 places in the fishing port, commercial port or other areas of the whole Taiwan. Areas that can be legally fished are intervened by government forces to plan and manage.

Because of the large number of people expected to be concerned about this meeting, in addition to the main venue on the second floor of the Badouzi Fishery Club, the second venue was also opened in the third floor conference room on the same day, and the discussion of the first venue was watched live. And use Sli.do to ask questions, collect the second venue and watch the opinions of the live broadcasters online.

Second venue

The mutual trust between the two sides has not been established.

The Deputy Director of the Fisheries Department first clarified at the collaboration meeting that the "50 fishing spots" mentioned by Vice President Chen Qimai is not "50 fishing ports". It may also be a region such as a commercial port, not just a fishing port. The Fisheries Department also pointed out at the meeting that at present, the "Fishing Port Law" has designated designated areas, and relevant measures have been formulated to announce the opening of the people's fishing regulations. It is recommended to follow the existing mechanism. As for the fishing port where the fishing area has not been designated, it is planned that the competent fishing authorities will collaborate with the fishing club, fishing group and sea patrol unit to discuss whether to demarcate the open area. The content of the consultation shall include the management mechanism and fees. The relevant management measures may be jointly negotiated and developed by the competent authority in conjunction with the fishery associations and sea patrol units, and shall be managed by the fishing group autonomously, and the relevant fees shall be charged to the fishermen according to the principle of user payment.

Video provided by the proponent pointed out that the fishing port was built by all taxpayers and should not be monopolized by fishermen. He believes that the fishing port is relatively safe. The government should open a fishing port for everyone to fish. He also suggested planning relevant management rules. The practice of throwing rubbish and entering other people's ships in the port area should be severely punished according to law, and should not affect the navigation channel. However, he also pointed out that the littering in the port area is not only for the fishermen, but the fishermen or tourists may also throw rubbish.

The sponsor's statement triggered the anger of the representatives of the Fisheries. They pointed out that the fishing port was not only funded by the government. When it was built, the fishermen also provided land and funds, and still have to pay fees. As for the littering in the sponsor's film, they also clarified that it was using non-toxic paint to clean the vessel. Many fishermen’s representatives have suffered from the pain. Fishing in the fishing port has caused many chaos. In addition to throwing garbage, some fishermen like to use the method of throwing and throwing on the fairway to make the fishing boat stir the fishing line, causing many disputes; By driving away the fish, the fishermen will also be dissatisfied with the fishermen. The fishery club also pointed out that after the opening of fishing, once the danger occurs, the family of the fishermen may seek compensation from the government, and there will be many problems in the future. However, the participants in the second venue were angered by some of the speeches, and many fishermen rushed to the first venue, hoping to express their opinions. Although there was some confusion on the spot, some fishermen still spoke and expressed their concerns and asked their fishermen’s representatives to withdraw from the protest.

Consensus fishing should not affect fishermen's operations

The fishermen's group clarified that they fully agreed that fishing activities could not affect the safety of vessels entering and sailing, and agreed that they should not cause mess in the fishing port. Some of the fishermen’s unruly behavior should be curbed by heavy penalties. For safety issues, in addition to self-confidence safety, fishermen should be required to wear life jackets, non-slip shoes when fishing, or insurance can be introduced to allow the fishermen to have corresponding claims after the danger occurs. The fishermen group also proposed that they can try to manage by means of a fishing license or a fishing ticket. Although the atmosphere of the two sides was quite hot, after the moderator intervened and clarified, there was a certain degree of consensus on the scene.

The host clarified the issue

The fishing rights meeting pointed out that the Taichung Port area is for them to fight for open fishing. I am very grateful to the Taichung Fisheries for providing assistance to the local authorities. They also reiterated that the fishermen’s group should abide by the relevant regulations and agree that There is a reasonable charging mechanism to allow the fishing area to have more resources to manage, and it is recommended to open the plastic bottle to allow the fishermen to go fishing, instead of using the crew card, and also allow the fishermen to have additional income and create a win-win situation.

The local government statement pointed out that the Executive Yuan should not promise to open 50 fishing spots before discussing it, which is likely to cause public concern; they pointed out that the control measures given to local governments in Article 18 of the Fishing Port Law There should be a nationally stipulated regulation; for the same violations in different regions, such as fishing ports and commercial ports, the current penalty is too large, and there should be a uniform standard of punishment. In terms of regulation, civil servants cannot ask the public to confirm their identity during inspections. They must be checked together with the sea patrol and the police. This is also a difficult point in the use of public power. The New Taipei City Government offered to propose that they would use the Caili Fishing Port as a model fishing port to open up discussions on management rules.

The Kaohsiung City Government also shared the way to successfully discuss the criteria for designing. The fishery and fishing groups were invited to discuss with the local government. Although the atmosphere was hot, it did get the open standards and specific management that everyone agreed to. rule.

According to the collaborative meeting procedure, when entering the group discussion, the representatives of the Fisheries Association thought that the way of speaking in turn was very good, and they hoped not to enter the group discussion; however, under the insistence of the moderator, everyone continued the dialogue and focused in group discussions. discuss. The group discussion topics are:

  • How to plan a fishing area for the fishermen to fish in the appropriate fishing port area under the condition that the fishermen and fishermen are accepted by the fishermen?
  • How to implement the operation and management rules of the fishing area in the fishing port so that the fishermen's operations are not disturbed, the fishermen are self-disciplined and safely fishing, and the administrative organs are also easy to manage?

Although the Fisheries Association proposed that the open principles of other regions should be discussed, the moderator considered that the meeting should focus on the fishing port and therefore did not agree.

Both parties agree that they should take into account multiple positions

After more than an hour of discussion, it is followed by a group report that reports on the views and consensus of the group discussion.

Group discussion status

For the first question, how to plan some of the appropriate fishing areas for the port area, the two groups have similar views: the competent authorities, the fishermen's association and the fishermen's group should be invited to participate in the survey and decide where to decide. Suitable for opening and making announcements. There should also be obvious indications for open areas.

For the second question, how to implement the relevant business management rules, the two groups have different views. The first group believes that the competent authority should first propose some restrictions, and then the self-managed fishing group will propose a business plan, and after discussion with the fishermen and fishermen of each place, they will open again.

Group report

But the second group was concerned that it was easy to have problems with the group of fishermen. He is worried that the management of the fishermen's group may cause the group to be accused by the fishermen of being profitable, questioning the opaque use of funds; some fishermen's groups are not appropriate and may use it to collect money. In the event of a danger to the fisherman, the family may sue the management unit to the court, causing trouble; when the law is illegal, it is difficult for the fisherman group to have public power to restrict the fisherman. Therefore, he suggested that it should be managed by the government to avoid disputes.

For these questions, the second group of discussions pointed out that it may be necessary to disclose the corresponding plan to ensure that the corresponding services are implemented and the finances should be open and transparent. In addition to insurance, the safety part should also establish safety regulations and exemption clauses. In terms of public power, it may be necessary to formulate correspondingly reasonable penalties and encourage fishermen to record video. However, some local governments have pointed out that even if they are operated by the government, they often fail to catch people. Therefore, it may be necessary to build a video recorder and conduct personal control to ensure that illegal passengers can be caught.

The meeting has a consensus that the fishery club and the fishing group are thankful

Finally, the Director General of the National Fisheries Association said that he is very happy to see that everyone has a consensus at today’s meeting, and he agrees that the fishing port cannot open fishing. It affects the safety of fishing vessels and the safety of navigation. It is also hoped that the fishing boats will jointly safeguard the cleanliness and beauty of the fishing port in the future. He pointed out that many fishermen who are concerned about the issue are worried that the inappropriate opening will lead to endless conflicts in the future. He hopes that the rules will be set in the future, and the management unit will find out that if it is done well, it will relieve the fishermen's doubts. He also suggested that each fishing port has different characteristics. Whether it is open or not, it must go to the grassroots to communicate with fishermen and fishermen. They will also make good suggestions.

Speech by the Director General of the National Fisheries Association

The fishing rights club also said that it is very grateful to the platform of the collaborative meeting for everyone to have the opportunity to communicate. After the opening of the future, the fishing group can not enjoy it without fulfilling its obligations. He suggested that in addition to the fishing port in the future, it is possible to plan to build a sea fishing platform in the area near the windmill, and also allow the fishermen to take the fishing boat to the platform for fishing. The proponents pointed out that they are not in a hurry to ask for 50 fishing spots. They are willing to wait a little longer if they can communicate and improve planning and management.

Tang Feng said at the end, thank you very much for the patience and suggestions of today's participants. The collaborative meeting can be carried out smoothly, and it means that everyone has the willingness to dialogue. This is the first step towards success; since the audience has a complete record, He will bring these opinions back to the Executive Yuan for confirmation and faithful response to the views of the parties to the Dean, Vice President and Zhang Jingsen Political Commissar of the future planning. The relevant topic manuals, mind maps, verbatim drafts, and live videos of the conference will also be made available on the Internet

Tang Feng clarification

Tang Feng also clarified again that Vice President Chen Qimai means to count 50 fishing areas on the coastline of the country. It is definitely not a fishing port. He also wants to ask the friends of the fishery club to bring the message back to friends. know.

Participants are worried about archery and then painting the target and expecting future communication to be implemented

Someone said that the meeting was a bit out of control at first, but the result was ok, he was surprised to use the team The discussion analyzes the problem once and finds the solution in a short time in a logical and orderly manner. However, they also suggest that friends from the grassroots should have a way to express their opinions and participation, otherwise they will feel bad. On the agenda, another participant said that there had been a rumor that 50 open phishing was selected, and I was worried that this would become the first archery target and the beauty of the collaborative meeting communication. "The government has to do something that everyone feels, not to solve small problems and create big problems." He greatly appreciated the proceedings of the meeting and was very pleased that the meeting had a consensus and expected the meeting consensus to be implemented in the future.