👷 Last month, after accepting an exclusive interview with the online show "Born Night Show", many netizens were very impressed by the youth advisory committee's proposal of the "National Day Parade for Technical Professionals". In fact, this is also myself. experience of.

🎨 In 2014, in view of the laws of the real world, it was necessary to keep pace with the times in the digital age. Cai Yuling, the then political councilor, went to the "0h government g0v" community to propose a communication platform between the government and the online world. Directly operated by community friends, this is the origin of the vTaiwan platform. As a result, I was invited to be a project consultant for the "Virtual World Regulatory Adaptation Plan". In addition to developing the system, I also assisted in hosting meetings as a communication channel between the community and the government.

🚸 From this experience, I see the importance of "reverse mentor" in government. "Reverse mentor" is translated as "trainee consultant". On the one hand, it learns the operation of the cabinet, but also helps to point out the future direction. At the time, the vTaiwan community participants, including myself, were such a role.

🙋 The Youth Advisory Committee newly set up by the Executive Yuan in 2016 is also based on this idea, allowing young friends to enter the hospital to collaborate with various ministries, and then give advice and even include policy participation.

🏫 For example, Huang Yanjia proposed in the conference last year that he hopes to attract international students to Taiwan and enhance the internationalization of higher education by cultivating the characteristics of each school, establishing a platform for industry-academia cooperation, and simplifying the application process. At present, including the Ministry of Education, various ministries have proposed relevant measures, including matchmaking platforms, and incorporated them into policy planning.

🌱 In addition, as the members of the Youth Advisory Committee are often social innovation or local creation organizers, they have first-hand experience in ecosystems in various fields, and effectively connect various departments of the Industry, Government, Academy, and Research Institute to solve social problems and Participating in local development has more immediate effects.

🎬 Commissioner Yan Tianhao, who is dedicated to science education, started from his own profession and suggested that the government produce multimedia teaching materials, which will be adopted by the Ministry of Science and Technology. In the future, it will cooperate with the Ministry of Education to jointly promote curriculum modules and establish an online science and video platform; Member Lin Xiaojing, who founded the Yuxiang Studio in Tainan, held a roving symposium to allow friends in the breeding industry to directly ask questions and requirements to the ministry.

🥤 In addition to the Youth Advisory Committee, in particular, many younger friends also participate in policies through different channels. For example, in the National Policy Council's public policy online participation platform (Join.gov.tw), there have been successful proposals for "trainee youth" under the age of eighteen to gradually limit the use of plastic straws.

🌼 From these cases, we see the vitality that young friends bring to Taiwan society. As long as we give young friends more opportunities to participate in public policy, the future will come through young people.