Innovation and digital transformation are two of the most significant trends of our time. From COVID-19 to Ukraine’s courageous resistance against Russia’s war of aggression, the world faces an array of increasingly unpredictable challenges demanding out-of-the-box approaches.

But where to find viable solutions when many claim the creativity cupboard is bare? My office and new kids on the block TaiwanPlus, an all-English news and general interest streaming platform, have a sterling idea: the “Innovative Minds with Audrey Tang” video podcast.

After months of collaboration and planning, #InnoMinds – as we like to call the game-changing show on social media – is ready to grace the international stage. This exciting project boasts a top-shelf lineup of guests guaranteed to educate, entertain and inspire. More than a dozen entrepreneurs, political or public affairs heavyweights, social technologists and thought leaders from home and abroad stand ready to share the latest and greatest ideas.

As your host and deep-thinking companion, I’ll accompany our guests on a voyage of elucidation revolving around the themes of Social Innovation, Youth Participation and Open Government. The initial season of #InnoMinds includes YouTube co-founder Steve Chen, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, former President of Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilves, U.S. House of Representatives member Ro Khanna and American Institute in Taiwan Director Sandra Oudkirk.

In episode one, Steve takes us behind the scenes of YouTube and discusses the raison d’etre of the inaugural uploaded video. He also explains why he decided to move to Taiwan and how he would support his children if they became YouTubers. These are just some of the many enlightening stories Steve shares for the first time in the public domain.

It’s my most sincere wish that #InnoMinds will lead the way in taking Taiwan to the world whilst providing our republic of citizens with an opportunity to learn from overseas examples. Passionate, positive and progressive dialogue will deliver a smorgasbord of mouthwatering next-generation inights.

#InnoMinds is important to me on a personal level. It is my first self-hosted podcast and first foray by TaiwanPlus into this potential-packed medium. We also collaborated with Taiwan Living Arts Foundation on selecting Taiwan Sound Lab – located in C-LAB, next door to my office – as our recording clubhouse and stage for showcasing the peerless Team Taiwan audiovisual talents.

Launched August 30, 2021, TaiwanPlus is opening a window of enagagement for friends around the globe to learn more about Taiwan: a beacon of freedom and democracy providing real hope for a brighter future. The initial season of #InnoMinds is available worldwide through TaiwanPlus channels starting May 6, with subtitiles in Mandarin and English.

See you on TaiwanPlus!