In the ever-changing world of the internet, “instant reading” and “instant replies” are behaviors that many people take for granted. However, the colleagues in the Ministry of Digital Affairs (moda) must regularly make “one-minute phone calls” that can only be hung up at the last second.

This one-minute phone call is an important step to ensure the quality of communication everywhere. When the inspection staff arrives on site, the engineer will connect and capture the signal of the nearest base station, then connect to the operator’s system end, conduct a hundred reaction tests, and confirm that the network is smooth. The last phone call must last for one minute without interruption. Both the network and voice calls must meet the standard to pass the test.

Compared to the inspection completed within ten minutes, what is more time-consuming is to reach the inspection point. In May, colleagues from the moda and various telecommunications operators went to the 99 Mountain Villa on the top of Daba Peak, the Zhongba Mountain House at an altitude of 3,300 meters, and the Cuifeng Mountain House on Taiping Mountain to conduct forest communication measurements.

These long journeys are not only to provide hikers and tourists with fast and convenient communication quality, but also to enhance the digital resilience of various places and solve life problems through the internet.

For example, Taiwan is full of high mountains and vast territories. If there is an emergency medical need in the mountains, it is often restricted by transportation and affects medical treatment. Therefore, the moda supports telecommunications operators to develop 5G remote diagnosis and treatment platforms, which can transmit medical images in real time and allow specialist doctors to read them remotely.

Take the example of Ren’ai Township in Nantou County, where many tribes are deep in the mountains. The doctor of the health center can let the dermatologist see the patient’s lesions from a distance through video, making the diagnosis more accurate. This system has been used in twelve counties and cities and thirty-five townships, serving more than 30,000 people.

This method of “replacing roads with the internet” effectively meets life needs and is the original intention of the moda to continue promoting 5G applications. Therefore, we focus on “reducing costs”, “opening applications”, and “simplifying procedures” as the core, and officially open the application of 5G dedicated frequency dedicated network in June.

In order to encourage more industries to use it, the Administration for Digital Industries has formed a promotion group with thirteen public associations, including tourism, cultural performances, livelihood and manufacturing, etc., to propose industry blueprints for dedicated frequency dedicated network services and application solutions, and continue to participate in and support innovative applications.

For example, the immersive experience version of the Bell Ringing Drama Troupe “VALO Trilogy-Island” is supported by the Digital Department, telecommunications operators, and the Institute for Information Industry, allowing the four-story space of the National Theater to be filled with 5G signals and control 1,200 light source carriers. After the audience wears a 5G bracelet, they can be in the same fantasy world as the dancers and interact in real time.

This approach showcases the characteristics of 5G’s broad connectivity and low latency. The setup of more than a thousand signals not only ensures coverage in every corner of the venue but also significantly reduces the network connection delay time from an average of one second to 0.1 second. This allows the live performance and the audio-visual experience to be perfectly combined.

From one-minute phone calls to low-latency rates of 0.1 seconds, we continue to improve network quality. This allows 5G applications to become a helpful tool for everyday life and a new driving force for industries to move forward.