Alain Richard, Vice President of the French Senate, led the Senate Friendship Group to Taiwan to visit the Digital Department at the end of April. Members of the French political parties are most curious about how to design a system to smoothly promote digital services? I said that this is the result of long-term accumulation of inter-ministerial committees. The current “universal cash for all people” is the best example.

Public cash policy is based on triple- and quintuple-stimulus vouchers. Take the collection channel as an example. After the digital voucher is used up, you can choose to receive cash. At that time, only some banks’ automatic teller machines (ATM) supported it. This time we have promoted more banks to join, covering more than 80% of the country, serving more than 4 million people, and receiving 6,000 yuan directly at ATMs.

For friends who are inconvenient to collect in person, you can also register online on the official website, and let the cash be directly transferred to your account. The “children’s family epidemic prevention subsidy” system established in 2021 can not only ensure the guardianship relationship between the child and the recipient, but also allow the recipient to decide which account to remit to. Become the core structure of this popularization of gold.

Before the system was launched, the colleagues of the National Information Security Research Institute have comprehensively detected the weaknesses of information security, ensured that the entire transmission process is encrypted, and access to data must be authorized and recorded. Personal information is not only strictly protected, but will also be deleted one month after the completion of the project.

The targets of this issuance include foreign nationals holding permanent residence permits. Therefore, the Pufa Cash website is set up in a bilingual structure to avoid obstacles caused by language skills; Conforms to the AA level specification of the accessibility mark.

These practices not only make the website easier to use, but also take care of the needs of people with disabilities. Even if people access the system with their mobile phones during their busy commuting, they can still experience a clear, easy-to-understand and error-free usage process.

The smooth general distribution has come to an end, how to properly use this mechanism that combines identity verification, information flow, and cash flow in the future? We plan to expand this mechanism into “digital public construction” and provide it to government agencies at all levels for distribution operations; based on the spirit of public code, we will also provide value-added use of codes to various agencies to speed up system construction efficiency.

In addition, we will also import “T-Road cross-organization data transmission exclusive channel”, the whole process is encrypted with agency certificates, and will not be connected to external service network segments. Normally, the transmission interface is closed through T-Road, and the T-Road interface transmission can only be activated after the distribution operation is started and the competent authority and the personal information agency confirm the scope of access. In this way, agencies at all levels can ensure the security of personal information when performing distribution operations in the future.

A few days ago, the number of general cash recipients has exceeded 20 million, of which more than 9 million people have received online through the official website. The Ministry of Digital Affairs will continue to collaborate with various ministries to create more labor-saving and safe public programs, so that the public can obtain convenient services in multiple ways.