On March 31, 2018, the PDIS team held the 29th Collaborative Meeting at the Ministry of Finance Information Center to discuss the issue of the Mobile Police.

The case of the National Security Police was proposed by the netizen yc on the public network policy participation platform on November 25, 2017. [No longer let the people who kill the roadside children go unpunished! Taiwan should follow the example of advanced countries. The police"", after the netizens signed the election, and the open government contact person voted to vote, became the theme of the collaborative meeting .

Nowadays, people's quality of life is guaranteed. Many people are also expecting animals to be treated humanely without being abused and killed by humans. In 1998, Taiwan Legislation passed the Animal Protection Law, and we hope that through this law, we will respect animal life. With the concept of protecting animals. Many people also hope that Taiwan can set up an immobilised police to severely punish the crime of cruelty to animals.

Action Insurance Case and Police Coordination

Currently, according to Article 23 of the Animal Protection Law, local government insurance offices at all levels should set up full-time animal protection inspectors and select them. A compulsory animal protector to assist in animal protection inspections. Institutional, Taiwan adopts a model of cooperation between police and immobilities to handle cases of insurance.

If the public finds that the animal has been abused or treated improperly, you can call 110 to report it to the police station, or dial 0800-231-532 and hand it over to the insurance office. According to statistics, in 2017, the police received a total of 26 pieces of government insurance units from municipalities and counties (cities), and received 12,538.

If the police receive a report from the public, if the situation is urgent, you can go to the scene to collect evidence, or go to the police with the mover to carry out the on-site search. Follow-up investigations are conducted by the insured, but if there is a need, they can go to the scene to inspect with the police. If it involves provisions relating to criminal liability, such as Article 25 of the Sports Protection Law, the police may also force force to intervene, or the prosecutor may apply for a search warrant to go to the site for a search. If a specific illegal act is found after the investigation, if the criminal law is violated, the prosecution agency may initiate the prosecution. If only the administrative law is violated, the mobile insurance department shall issue a penalty.

To help you understand this topic, the host team also prepared the Issue Manual for Participants read the materials before the meeting to find out the current status of the issue.

Morning discussion focus issues clarify

Proposer report

At the beginning of the day's meeting, the sponsor quoted national security police system, which Taiwan is suitable for? , which explains the differences and implementation status of animal protection systems in each country.

She said that at present, the athletes are not trained in the search, and in the case of insufficient search, the situation of animal cruelty can not be conviction by the government; in addition, the current staff is insufficient, night, holiday Difficult to deal with immediately. The immobilities are not like the police, and they are almost incapable of intimidating effects on the general public. Therefore, in many cases, the insurance officer’s search and other treatments are easily ignored. Mr. Wu Zongxian, who attended the meeting, also pointed out that many of the motivators themselves are veterinarians. The effect of enforcement is very poor, and the lack of professionalism in the search for securities makes it impossible for the motivators to perform their business. Wu Zongxian believes that the police include a professional search, guidance, and even a symbol of authority. Wearing uniforms and guns is an effective administrative act.

The chief of the administrative team of the police department added that the police's search profession is also trained. At present, the police have also included the insurance case in the administrative rewards and punishments, but believe that the police have been generally overworked and do not wish to continue to increase. The amount of work.

The colleagues of the COA mentioned that the current training of the athletes will make up for the lack of professionalism, such as the profession of law, the profession of search, communication, dialogue and investigation. Come on.

Participants and government colleagues work together to clarify the context of the issue

The COA's colleagues also put forward figures further. Last year, there were nearly 700,000 inspections and active inspections including the cases of active insurance, and the number of complaints filed by the public was about 10,000 to 12,000. Pieces. However, there may be only 2,000 administrative punishments in these cases. The colleague explained that the public heard the screams of the dog next door and called the phone. This is a case, but is it actually a case and can it constitute an administrative penalty case? There is a large ratio that is not high. Further, the number and number of cases that were actually transferred to the local procuratorate for treatment, even by the courts, may be less than a dozen.

In the morning, the discussion focused on clarifying the issue and making the current system more complete. In the afternoon group meeting, they are divided into two groups to discuss how to make the relevant system of the motion insurance case more perfect. How can the motion-insurer, the police, and the prosecutor work together to complete this process, and how to enhance the awareness of the public Report abusive animal cases.

Participants in group discussions

The group discussion period can strengthen the cooperation mechanism between the police and the police.

After the group discussion, the first group pointed out that the athletes are not intimidating when they enforce the law, so they may have to be designed with dignity. Uniforms make him more like a policeman; in addition, he can also be equipped with some equipment, such as electric batons or batons. This part requires the cooperation of the competent authorities and the police department. In the case that the athletes cannot enter the house inspection, they hope to refer to the provisions of Article 19-1 of the Noise Prevention Law and the provisions related to the Law on Children and Children, so that the athletes can enter the residence on the basis of the basis.

In terms of implementation, I hope that I can strengthen the training related to the law of forensic medicine, so that the athletes can have the ability to search and forensicate; the police should strengthen the knowledge of animal rescue. In the future, I hope that some police officers will train with the inspectors to make these police officers seed teachers. For the process, the athletes cannot receive the goods 24 hours a day, and may need to ask for assistance from the NGO or increase the number of posts in stages.

Inspectors, sometimes the police may not accept it, although the police said that the police will intervene in the "crisis", but the concept is vague, suggesting that the "crisis" and "emergency" conditions can be defined. Can be included in the situation that has been repeatedly blocked by the parties, under these circumstances, the police should not dodge. For a long-term future, I hope to establish an immunization police mechanism in Taiwan. Finally, it is not easy to remember the number of mobile police calls. It is recommended that the image can be changed to 119 or 165.

The second group of reports first confirmed the four aspects of the cognition: (1) There seems to be a lot of problems in the current cooperation mechanism between the police and the police, which may not be smooth or not implemented at all; (2) There may be many black numbers in the number of cases in which the insurance is completed; (3) the motion-insurer is not a 24-hour rotation. After the next shift, the athletes will create an empty window; (4) everyone is accompanying the police. The security personnel have high expectations and can increase the enforcement energy of the insured, so it may be a good solution to protect the police.

This set of discussion targets are serious cases of criminal insurance involving criminals. On this premise, the speed at which people dial 110 reports is the fastest. After 2015, because of the high-profile cases, it seems that there is no problem in the procedures for the joint attendance and the police to work together. However, at present, there are still problems in the black number of cases, after all, the animals will not take the initiative to report, and the public will not necessarily be willing to report the case, and the official will also accept the report before they can dispatch relevant actions.

In the part of the mobile insurance office that does not answer the phone after work, the local government with abundant resources has 24 hours of rescue personnel. The animals can be initially rescued and disposed of, and the next day, the criminals will be transferred. The impact on the case will be less. At the same time, because the discussion targets are criminal security cases, the police are not at all, and the current system seems to be logical and smooth.

However, there may be some shortcomings in the promotion. In the internal part, the police may not realize that the insurance is also the scope of business. The police department deals with criminal cases and not all cases of insurance. Therefore, it is suggested that the COA can advocate that "the abuse of animals is a criminal act" and "the crime should be called 110", so that the public can be aware that the case of insurance can be handled through the police. At present, the COA has also planned a series of follow-up awards, which should also be made known to the public. In the future, the COA and the Ministry of the Interior will continue to strengthen the government's colleagues. In addition to the Ministry of Agriculture's propaganda for the groups and the people who care about animal rights, the Ministry of Education can also play a role in strengthening life education. Part.

Group report status

These conclusions, tang feng political commissar will send this information to the dean and relevant ministries at the government meeting on april 2 the head of the report is used as a reference for follow-up policy planning. conference-related newsletter and verbatim will also Open on the Internet for the convenience of interested friends.

The proposer is expecting to have follow-up results

The proposer said that he had played 1999 before this meeting. However, he believes that 1999 is more like a conduit for some people to vent immediately. However, even if there is more discussion in the collaborative meeting, I don't know if there will be any substantial consequences in the end. He mentioned that there was another case on Join, but when the department later went to the meeting, it felt like the case was "destroyed." The sponsors were not very satisfied with the way we discussed today. She thought that the purpose of her proposal was to discuss the “moving police”, but the discussion focused on the “armed insured” and deviated from her original intention. The proposer hopes that there will be more time for the report, and it can also clarify the needs of the sponsors appropriately, and ask her to say more, rather than directly receiving the report of the ministry.

The sponsor still cares whether the case will have more follow-up results. Although the political committee reports to the president, it still depends on who is in the government and is willing to implement the discussion results. Wu Zongxian, a teacher at the meeting, pointed out that the issue involves "moral issues" and it is easy to arouse people's emotions. By clarifying the context, or evaluating it after the pilot, this type of policy can be better discussed in planning. Teacher Wu Zongxian believes that the follow-up of the collaborative meeting is a very important issue. Otherwise, it is a pity that it takes so much time and energy to prepare and meet, but there is no follow-up policy implementation. It is a pity."