In order to prevent my eyes from being limited to Taipei, every two weeks since October last year, I went to various places in Taiwan to discuss with social enterprises, connect with friends of various ministries, and work closely with local resources. I also met a lot of teams who were deeply rooted in the field.

💮 Hualien Ji'an Township Nanhua Village is one of them.

Renovation of one of the social enterprises in Nanhua Village, Ms. Zhong Baozhu, sincere, enthusiastic, and entering the yard, can hear her cheerful greetings. The mountain is close to the mountains and the diversity is made, making this small village full of vitality.

⛰ They set up a cultural exchange association in the name of the first Yingshan, which is close to the side, joined the “Rural Recycling Plan” of the Council of Agriculture, received funding and assistance from the Bureau of Soil and Water Conservation, and mobilized the various young and old to work together. Covering the pavilion and the hut, as a base for the villagers to make tea and chat.

First step: first string together the close and warm feelings between people.

Next, build your own cultural landmark: Ma.

The South China region of the Japanese Empire era is the location of the Hualien Port Stallion Institute. Therefore, the Chuying Yingshan Association and the Taiwan Children's Development Association's Horse Support Education Center have established the "Black and White Horse Children's Community Base".

🚸 They introduced mini horses as animal doctors to assist children with rare diseases and physical and mental disabilities, and also allowed children in the community to build self-confidence and expressiveness by caring for horses and cleaning the broom.

"The horse is our cultural landscape," Zhong Baozhu said proudly.

In the past, the horses of Nanhua Village were specially serviced by Japanese high-ranking officers, and now the horses of Nanhua Village became the life mentor of the children. Nanhua Village let itself and the horse's fate continue in different ways.

The people and the gas are connected to each other. Nanhua Village uses the history and geomorphology of the local area, combined with the resources of the government and the people, fully embodying the possibility of "local creation and social enterprise", and deepening the local culture and driving the place. Successful cases of development.

When leaving Nanhua Village, the roadside park signboard reads the words "Don't Face". Looking at our curious expression, Zhong Baozhu smiled and said that it was originally a messy duck plaque. When everyone was working together, some friends with different opinions wrote the words "shameless" on the stone with spray paint. Later, The villagers simply named it the "shameless" park.

This is a group of energetic, unconstrained, non-rigid, hard-working friends who have created the charm of Xiaonan Nanhua Village. It also confirms that the Chairman of the National Development Council, Chen Meizhen, said that "the place has vitality and Taiwan has The word "live".