Many people are curious, what is the work of several political commissars ? One of the businesses is a seemingly unrelated social enterprise.

Why is it a "social enterprise"? Why do I have to every two weeks to all parts of Taiwan, connect with many relevant ministries, and let the officials directly contact the agency. business friends talk? why do i stay at the "social innovation experimental center" at the taipei air terminal every wednesday, so that friends from all walks of life can directly talk to me, I know each other and discover the possibility of cooperation here?

Society attracts me, in addition to the idea of ​​"achieving a clear social mission and solving social problems through innovative business models", transforming competition and opposing thinking into a culture of "cooperation and common good" In addition, there are these "people" who work in social enterprises and the stories behind their participation in social enterprises.

> "We will do this because we want to solve some social problems, that is, love for society. We all have some love in our hearts and want to do something."

A game in Chiayi In the discussion, Zeng Yanxiang, the person in charge of Wanli Environmental Protection, said the above paragraph. Because he couldn't bear to see the waste of resources, he resolutely left the technology industry and devoted himself to recycling and recycling. He has been in business for more than ten years.

🎪 These people who love society, dedicate themselves, subvert traditional business thinking, and prove that "social public welfare" and "enterprise profit" not necessarily mutually exclusive, the implementation of the Triple Bottom Line theory proposed by British scholar John Elkington: a balance between profit, social responsibility and environmental ecology, civilization can continue to develop. This is also the principle that I have followed in my entrepreneurial process of implementing free software and open source culture.

When I met these friends who loved society and solved social problems in innovative ways, how to "solve difficulties for those who have love" became my expectation for myself.

I hope that through the offices of several political commissars, we will create a link between social enterprises to connect and support each other, so that investing in social innovation friends can try and be afraid of failure.

The next year, I will share with the office colleagues, in the "BW" column, share what we have seen and heard, the draft will be donated to the Magpie Foundation. These articles will also be posted on the Public Digital Innovation Space (PDIS) website in a CC BY 4.0 license .

During this journey, we will continue to produce images and written records to let more people know about social enterprises, so that Mr. Zeng Yanxiang and every friend who works hard in all corners of Taiwan can get effective resources and Help, achieve social mission, and let the world see the story of Taiwanese social enterprises.

Welcome to support people who have love and support social enterprises in Taiwan.