Fata’an is the largest tribe of the ami and one of the youth travel points planned by the youth department in hualien. in the past, the mountains and valleys were all fata’an, and the “Matai Saddle” was transliterated.

At the beginning of last month, I went to the Mata Ang tribe to meet and met Mablon Farm. master ulang (kechunyu) tells us about the farm when it is always a whisper, so that everyone laughs. Four years ago, she started her own business from the land of her home. Today, the Mabulon Farm is open to popularity by relying on a large number of quality organic wild vegetables.

In addition to crops, Mablon Farm has also gained community friendship. Ulang invites the tribes to work together, become mutual farming partners, and more often care for their neighbors: “When I see people who need help, I will drive them and often help me see the medicines and read the official documents,” she said. Mapulong In the language, it means “together”. Ulang does make the farm a bridge in the tribe through action.

🌱 How do tribal youths find links to tribes? Lamen (CaiYijing), chairman of the Mata Sang Tribe Eco-Cultural Industry Development Association, is very impressed. More than a decade ago, Lamen, who graduated from the sect, returned to the tribe. From the study of the Taiwan Science and Technology Program at the time, he helped to plan a series of experiences. Mablon Farm is one of the agricultural experiences.

💪 Lamen believes that although this series of projects is small, the benefits are beyond imagination - in addition to making more people aware of the tribal culture, the various ethnic groups in the eastern region are also promoting the way through promotion. , to establish a closer relationship.

💯 Tafalong tribe also started from more than ten years ago participation plan. how to get young friends to come to the tribe to gain in-depth experience is the subject of katai (xiaomingshan), the chief executive of the taiba village community building association, and the brainstorming of the tribes. for this reason, they even have only the annual sacrifices that the tribes participated in open to the public. These efforts have enabled the Taipa tribe to carry out the grand travel plan to date, with an average satisfaction rate of 99.8 points.

🌿 This reminds me of the bitterness of the greens in the soup when I ate. It didn’t take long for me to taste the sweetness. The tribe’s friend said that this is a common local wild vegetable sokoy (hibiscus,xiuguamilanguagepinyin). The same is true of the stories of Ulang, Lamen, and Kanew: the hard work ahead will eventually return.

If you have time, you may wish to take a trip and taste the taste of hibiscus.