On May 1, 2017, designer Zhuo Zhiyuan put forward on the Join platform "Tax filing software is difficult to use", I think that the tax filing software "unclear instructions, difficult interfaces, unintelligible processes, do not know how much time is wasting people in understanding this difficult system, how many customer service personnel Answer the same questions every year." He wrote in the proposal, "It is easier to understand the tax filing software, more people use it, less people ask questions to trouble tax officials, or simply let the tax payment mood be more pleasant, a little more user experience. Design, isn't it?"

On May 8 the third open government contact monthly meeting, the ministry of finance opened the government liaison to raise the case. the ministry of finance opened the government contact officer (po), saying that the chief of the Ministry of Finance attaches great importance to the case and understands relevant proposals. Therefore, he is willing to adopt an open attitude, listen to the opinions of the people, and hope that the people of the country will The tax filing software used can be changed as much as possible.

Initial Collaborative Meeting Initial Collection of Possible Issues

On May 19th, PDIS opened the [First Collaborative Conference] for the case of "reporting software is difficult to use" https://sayit.pdis.nat.gov.tw/2017-05-19-%E9%96%8B%E6%94%BE%E6%94%BF%E5%BA%9C%E8%81%AF %E7%B5%A1%E4%BA%BA%E7%AC%AC%E4%B8%83%E6%AC%A1%E5%8D%94%E4%BD%9C%E6%9C%83%E8 %AD%B0). At the meeting, Liang Ruifen, chief of the Comprehensive Income Tax Section of the Internal Revenue Service of the Financial Information Center, pointed out that the Ministry of Finance will help improve the friendly interface and improve the operational procedures, and will also carefully evaluate the possibility of developing cross-platform tax filing software. Some people suggest that the interface should be open to the public to design the front end. The Ministry of Finance believes that taxation is more complicated and professional. It must be adjusted in accordance with the tax law, so that the private sector may have tax disputes, and the responsibility will be difficult to clarify. As far as the private tax filing system is concerned, it is necessary for each voucher to develop offline components for exclusive Mac users. Liang Ruifen said that the main reason for the poor experience of Mac taxing software is that it is cumbersome to install components and it takes a lot of time. It may be necessary to improve the experience by recording teaching videos, improving documentation or creating environmental testing tools. As for future planning improvement programs, consider developing a cross-platform reporting system for the Web. Finally, Liang Ruifen shared that according to the satisfaction survey at the time of reporting the tax filing system, it can be known that "satisfaction and great satisfaction" is as high as 94%.

Moderator Zhang Fangrui said that through this collaborative meeting, I hope to bring the broad-based users, such as end users, professionals and service providers, to the forefront, to clarify your problems and demands, and then imagine What kind of services are provided; further, we will consider what relative policies, regulations, and methods of transportation are available.

The proposer Zhuo Zhiyuan believes that with the advancement of the times, more and more apps have been used, and the standard of use has been raised very much. The Mac operation mode is relatively streamlined, so users are cumbersome to install and lengthy manuals. The content lost patience. Prior to the collaborative meeting, Zhuo Zhiyuan had collected a number of questions in advance. He classified the problems as short-range, medium-range and remote, and could start from the need to improve. Zhuo Zhiyuan explained that in order to understand these problems, you can first test the ease of use, see what is good, what is not easy to do, and gradually improve every year, so that the public can feel the gradual update, and can also prepare for changes in a year or two. , "Let the user never know you, to understand you."

After the group discussion, the first group of friends found that the current tax filing software problem contains too many words, plus the text is more difficult, difficult to understand, may find ways to add instructions; process is not clear, ease of use Aspects should also be tested. However, in terms of satisfaction, the satisfaction questionnaire should not be used in the use, so the investigation is not complete satisfaction, only the experience of use. Zhuo Zhiyuan said that the director of the Ministry of Finance Information Center said that a team is needed and he can help set up one.

The second group of friends pointed out that when planning the design at the beginning, we must find ways to be included in the user. The satisfaction or usability survey may have to entrust another team to do it; the interface can also be moderately reminded. A few steps let people know how many more steps can be completed. Chen Quanxi, director of the Finance Center, added that in the future, the principles of UX and UI will be listed in the procurement case, and experts will be asked to help verify.

Tang Feng said that the content of this meeting will be reported to the president and the heads of relevant ministries at the government meeting. If they have any opinions, they will share with you.

The details of the problem will continue to be clarified and classified after the clarification meeting

In the first collaborative meeting, it is simply a collection of different opinions, but these opinions are collected after the event. I'm afraid it may not be consistent with the problems encountered during use; the pages mentioned are not clear on which page. Since this information is not complete enough, you need to find further steps to solve the problem.

In order to confirm the status of the tax filing problem, after the collaborative meeting, the ease of use test will soon be started, hoping to understand the feelings of the current taxpayer users. The Financial Information Center and the IRS are divided to find out the different types of taxpayers, so that they can use the tax filing software they have never used before, and use them to quickly explain their problems. Through these ten usability tests, I quickly found a lot of problems in use. At the same time, we also conduct research on the details of the process before and after tax filing to understand and inventory possible problems.

After the confirmation of these materials, the first tax filing system workshop was held very quickly on August 15th. This workshop further categorizes all the problems seen and combines them with different processes to understand each of the different steps, stages, and possible problems. In addition to sorting out the problems I saw before, I also asked the participants to help supplement the questions, and to make a preliminary convergence of the questions and to think about the initial solution.

Three workshops from the gathering problem to the implementation interface

At the end of the first workshop, Zhuo Zhiyuan observed that the government colleagues were very confused. "So how do I report to the supervisor tomorrow?" The convenience of the people is very happy, but how do civil servants report to the superiors? How much did it cost for a day's activities? The result is a bunch of sticky stickers on the wall? The new method does not allow for the old structure, so there is a need to assist government officials to understand and integrate them. There is information to report to the superior.

The second workshop was held on August 23rd to solve the problem clarified in the first workshop and try to make the meeting people draw a wireframe together. The solution to the day's solution is divided into two groups, one group wants to guide the taxation pre-position, and the other group is the guidance method needed in the tax return. Zhuo Zhiyuan observed that the people attending the meeting were very happy to have the opportunity to contribute to the government, so they were very happy to start doing it. On the contrary, the government participants did not dare to do it. However, after the people finished, they were more likely to change. It is better to enter the situation.

The third workshop was held on September 6th, and the wireframe drawn by the second workshop was electronically produced and an interactive framework was created. Zhang Fangrui explained that if the paper's low fidelity prototype is directly provided to senior executives and vendors to execute, I am afraid that the space will be too large and there will be errors in implementation. Therefore, to create an interactive prototype, the imagination space is relatively small.

Entrance page suggested by participants in the third workshop

After the workshop, continue to work hard to assist the manufacturer to modify the interface

After these three workshops, the follow-up meeting has been held several times to discuss how to implement the concept of tax filing software to the manufacturer. In the development. Zhuo Zhiyuan said that at the first meeting after the meeting, Guanmao was actually very opposed to such development, because this is the fourth year of the tender, and the Ministry of Finance suddenly has to re-do it. Such problems require Tang Feng to help explain.

Zhu Zhiyuan also found that for the manufacturers to participate in the workshop to provide advice at the beginning, in the end is to do it themselves, so the participation workshop will be lack of interest, if the manufacturer enters early, in fact, the more Finding some problems early can also make this process smoother. In order to let Guanmao enter the situation earlier, Zhuo Zhiyuan also sorted out the materials collected by the previous workshops. He divided the difficulties encountered by the people into red that would be stuck, and a yellow that would be slightly paused, listed on the table for each step. He explained, "If you go online, the red must be solved, so that you know where there is a problem. Instead of talking about it for a long time, you don't know where the problem is."

There is also a meeting called Marathon, from early to late. That discussion began with the discussion of the prototype, from the pre-tax filing, the tax return, to the recommendations of each screen, and so on, the entire process was completed in one day. The four screens of the tax return that everyone sees now are the result of the discussion at the time. Many people don't know that the health insurance card is ready, they still need to prepare the card reader, and they also need the health insurance card password. So through this portal, let everyone know what materials need to be prepared at the beginning, and test the equipment in advance. The follow-up process will be much smoother, and it will not be found in half of the tax return. That meeting is to get all the processes one by one, so that the trade knows how to develop. Even if the team is still idle, the officials of the Ministry of Finance will monitor the tax filing status at any time. If they find that there are problems with tax filings on the online community, they will immediately follow up and report to the Ministry of Finance for revision. Zhuo Zhiyuan said that because the entrance to the new tax filing system is too beautiful, many friends who use Windows will also click on this page to apply for tax returns, but this page is for Mac and Linux users, so they will not be able to file tax returns after they enter. After Zhuo Zhiyuan discovered this problem, he immediately returned to the Ministry of Finance. The Ministry of Finance also added the words "Windows users please use offline version" at the top of the tax return page in a short period of time to avoid people's mistakes.

The design process is more important than the results

Zhu Zhiyuan shares, this time, four stages are organized to distinguish the design process: what is the problem, how to create the solution, the execution of the production, and the adjustment on the line. He said that in the process he was like a scout, assisting the government in exploring the whole process and clarifying the difficulties the government encountered in the project. He said that design has methods and principles from beginning to end, not just a principle. The whole process should understand the current situation, advance the goal, clarify the problem environment and the world in which it is located, so that the website can go online without being embarrassed. "Everyone will tell me that he is very difficult to use. This is the conclusion, but we need to find out what happens in the process. What happens before and after? I want to see the process, not the conclusion."

Zhuo Zhiyuan shares the division of labor between different roles at each stage

After understanding your situation, you will often find that many times the other party does not change, but these opinions are unreasonable requirements for the other party. How can we help everyone reach the middle balance? Is there a way for everyone to move forward? Zhuo Zhiyuan suggested: "After understanding the world in which the problem lies, then propose the way to change." Design is not about making products, but about how many roles and how many contact points in the process of solving problems can improve the process together.