On January 5, 2018, the Public Digital Innovation Space (PDIS) was held at the Air Total Innovation Base. "National Health Insurance, long-term travel abroad, long-term surrender period, may not be the object of protection" collaborative meeting. After a full day of discussion, the participants felt that it was easy to decide whether the local medical resources of the foreigners could be obtained or whether they were going abroad as a cut-off criterion. Many people thought that the suspension should be completely abolished. After collecting these opinions, they will report to the Executive Dean and relevant government councils at the government meeting on January 8 as a reference for follow-up policy research.

This case was submitted on November 12th, 2017 by Alex Lai, and after being approved by the China Development Association on the 14th, it was signed in two days. At the PO monthly meeting held on December 4th, after the PO vote, the case was selected as a collaborative meeting.

Process innovation, dealing with different stages of policy planning

According to the information provided by the Department of Health and Welfare, the system involved in this issue includes suspension and surrender. The basis of the health insurance policy is "nationality" and "household registration". If you do not appear in the country for two years, you will be removed from your household registration and lose your health insurance status. However, if the household registration is returned to Taiwan within two years after being moved out, you can still directly reinsure and use health insurance. However, if the household registration is returned to Taiwan after two years of migration, and there is no employer from Taiwan, you need to wait for six months. You can join the health insurance. As for the system of suspension of insurance, at present, as long as it is considered that Congress has returned to Taiwan for more than half a year, it can apply for suspension of insurance. However, if you return to Taiwan within six months, you will need to reinstate the insurance immediately and pay the unpaid health insurance premium. If you return to Taiwan after half a year, you can directly reinsurance, but you must continue to apply for three months before you can apply again. Stop the insurance. As for those who continue to pay health insurance after going abroad, if there is a major emergency injury or emergency delivery abroad, they can return to China to apply for health insurance.

Unlike the past collaborative meetings, this collaborative meeting has been discussed many times before, so after the clarification of the problem, the collaborative meeting will advance to the stage of solution and focus on the application of the suspension. The object is expected to find more different possibilities through the form of collaborative meetings. For the convenience of discussion, the PDIS team also wrote the Question Manual with the assistance of the ministry, and sent the final version to the day before the meeting. participants, let them read and access this information before the meeting. before the meeting, the pdis team also asked the ministry to sort out the corresponding persona (persona). Persona is a virtual figure that has been summarized after researching and investigating the corresponding ethnic groups. By understanding the situation, environment and choices of this person, the government can properly assess how policy adjustments will affect these ethnic groups in policy planning, and then adjust policies or plan supporting measures.

The topic manual used in this meeting

At the beginning of the meeting, the PDIS team first explained the Open Government Contact Persons (PO), explaining how the PDIS team prepared the collaborative meeting with the PO of the ministry and explained the use of the meeting. Various tools; then, in the report of the ministry, in addition to the Welfare Department’s report on the health insurance’s suspension and surrender system, each ministry will report their position on this issue one by one, and the Persona they listed. The colleagues of the Welfare Department also pointed out that many people linked the case to Huang An, an artist working in China. In fact, Huang An has paid health insurance fees. Even if the system of abolition is abolished, Huang An will not be affected.

Weifu Department reports on suspension and surrender

Next, at the time of the breakout session, the two groups began to discuss whether the different ethnic groups could apply the stop-guaranty system, and the supporting measures that could be promoted if the stop-loss system was no longer applied; After two hours of discussion, the two groups have a certain consensus. As long as they pay reasonable premiums, they can enjoy the protection and resources of health insurance. At the same time, they also summarize some judgment criteria that can judge the suspension and the recommended supporting measures. . The criteria for these outages include reasons for going abroad, frequency of return, local health insurance, income levels, easy identification of identity, and local medical resources. In addition to the option of resolutely not wanting to suspend insurance, participants outside the Department of Welfare use dot voting to select the preferred schemes.

Participants received at the conference

As the Legislative Yuan is also discussing the future revision of the health insurance law, the discussion on the suspension system is still subject to negotiation by the political parties. At the end of the meeting, the Director of the Social Insurance Department of the Department of Health and Welfare promised that if the future Legislative Yuan needs the information of the collaborative meeting, the Ministry of Health and Welfare will provide it together, so that the legislators have the opportunity to refer to the suggestions of the participants during the revision of the law; Feng will report to the president and relevant government council members on the outcome of the discussion at the government meeting next Monday.

Participants evaluate positive, but innovation still has room for improvement

This issue has been discussed in a large amount due to the different status of past issues, so try to plan different forms of collaboration. I look forward to filling the gaps in the past discussions between the Executive Yuan and the Legislative Yuan. To summarize the innovations of the conference, including trying to use the issue handbook to encourage participants to read the material before the meeting, and to help discuss the meeting, use Persona to understand the policy impact of the ethnic group, re-planned group meeting, and finally summarize and dot The voting method invites participants to express their feelings.

Group meeting description

How do participants see these innovations? For the agenda book, several interviewees said that the agenda manual is very useful, but I hope to send it earlier so that everyone can have time to read it. For Persona, the respondents also think that it is very helpful and can really make it Everyone knows what kind of ethnic group the insured system may affect. "Some are not observed in the air-conditioned room." However, since a total of 14 Persona were summarized this time, the participants thought that the number was too large and should be properly summarized. Some participants also said that Persona can really see the intentions of the ministry. However, when the department cites Persona, it may be related to the position of the ministry. If the ministry hopes that the ethnic groups it represents can continue to use the decommissioning system, they Persona, which may not specifically mention the abuse of the stop guarantee system, will lead to bias in the discussion.

Group meeting to discuss the possibility of applicable suspension or not through Persona

This participant explained that since the ministry cited Persona who did not abuse the stop guarantee system, some participants may see many foreigners who abused the stop guarantee system because of the doctor’s identity, but I didn't see the corresponding Persona here, but it didn't feel bad. If Persona can present different aspects of diversity, including the abuse of the system of the out-of-warranty system, it will help participants to clarify the abuse of the system, and then think about how to avoid the waste of the health care system. He suggested that if time and resources are sufficient, the host team should invite sociology and anthropology scholars to summarize Persona by field investigation, which will be more convincing than the general meeting.

The planning of this breakout session is to discuss the criteria of each Persona to understand the criteria for which each person expects to distinguish between suspensions or not, but there is also a group who suggested in the group meeting that the stop should be confirmed first. Whether the insurance system should exist or not can we discuss whether Persona should be included in the form of available outages, or whether it is related. Some participants explained that these two ideas are actually different from the inductive method and the deductive method; one is to summarize the standard through the discussion of Persona, and the other is to first set out the principle principle and then deduct the possible treatment of the different state. He believes that these methods are all right, just thinking about the difference in direction.

This collaborative meeting has tried many new methods and technologies. In the future, PDIS will try different technological innovations when conditions permit, so that the ministry will have more tools to use in the future and plan in a more detailed way. Future policy.