Since the outbreak of the epidemic this year, Taiwan has once again defended the invasion of the virus with the concerted efforts of all the people. In order to encourage the people to use consumption to support local businesses to regain their strength, the administrative team borrowed from the experience of revitalizing the triple coupon last year and planned a five-fold coupon this year. From three times to five times, what matters is not only the quota, but also the multiplier effect created by the government and the people.

Recently, I attended training courses in various agencies. Many civil servants want to talk about the imagination of a “smart country”: Some people think that the country must be smart and the administrative process must be completely paperless; but for me, the country must To be wise, we must first have “smart citizens”, that is, starting from the needs of the whole people, combining the creativity of the people, and providing diversified services as much as possible.

The same is true for the five times coupon plan. Rather than developing a new system that requires everyone to re-establish their habits, we choose the “real-name mask system” process that everyone is already familiar with, and we can easily book through the community’s super business machine or mobile phone. Some people want to help the family members who are less familiar with the number to bind together. Such a real need can also be achieved here, and it can be achieved with the smallest possible gap.

Last year’s user feedback is also a reference for improving the design. For example, the last time restrictions on consumption were made by brick-and-mortar businesses, but e-commerce and delivery platforms have become part of everyone’s lives during the epidemic prevention period. This year, these platforms actively respond to the policy and are willing to assist local businesses, small farmers, sheltered workshops and other stores to put them on the shelves, so they can also be included in the scope of use of revitalization coupons, so that more and more people who consume online can be rewarded without changing their lifestyles. Benefit local businesses and create more wins together.

Another pain point is that for those who use digital binding, even if the merchant offers extra coded consumer discounts, it was not easy to find that they could not get the same courtesy as using paper. This time we have added a “digital label”, and after binding, we will get a discount code for the store to verify and give discounts. For traditional merchants such as vendors and self-government associations that have not yet joined the digital payment system, the Ministry of Economic Affairs has also proposed diversified payment incentive programs such as the “Taiwan Cloud Market” to assist in digital transformation.

In addition to the five times coupons, the registration of additional coupons for major ministries also took into account the pain points of the people who took time to register on different platforms last year, and changed to a one-stop check of the coupons you want. You can also find integrated information if you want to know the binding status, usage quota, and lottery results.

On the first day the five times coupons were used, 4 million digital coupons were already bound, more than twice as many as last year, and 12 million paper bookings were successfully booked. Provide multiple choices and fully reflect needs. Although some friends find it complicated, this is like the application of “AI”. If multiple needs are limited to a single channel, it will easily fall into the arrogance of authoritarian “Authoritarian Intelligence”; only assistance The “Assistive Intelligence” of the people can give full play to the power of the wisdom of the people.