“Ziyi, Youqian, Zhiyao, Yijun, good morning!” Zhuang Zhewei from the Forest Service Bureau enthusiastically greeted the students in the group. Calling out the names of the students eagerly, without hesitation.

This is the result of the 2021 “Rescue Action by Youth, RAY 5.0” (Rescue Action by Youth, RAY 5.0). The students were eager to show off their hard work over the past two months. Some groups took a break at four o’clock in the morning, and then changed their outfits to prepare to participate in the results presentation. The team carefully prepared the final results for the announcement, and also carefully thought out the theme of the clothing: “Mountain and forest style, because we are redesigning “Mountain Forest Leisure Net” for the Forest Service Bureau.”

This year RAY 5.0, from Among the 130 applicants, 14 outstanding young students were selected and rolled up their sleeves to transform government digital services. They come from diverse backgrounds such as design, research, and information. They have contributed to their summer vacation, starting with in-depth interviews, and reinventing the “difficult to use” government digital services for many people.

The students responsible for redesigning the Taipei City Public Care Registration System interviewed many novice parents to understand their needs and difficulties. According to their needs, the registration process of public trusteeship was redesigned. During the interview, a mother held her child in one hand and was busy operating the public care system with the other. The students carefully noticed this detail and made up their minds: to make a mobile phone version that can be easily operated with one hand.

Zhuang Zhewei of the Forest Service Bureau also shared in the press conference: “The manufacturer jokingly said, why do we even have a meeting with our classmates on the evening of Chinese Valentine’s Day? But seeing our classmates give so enthusiastically, of course we Full support too!”

In the past, agencies often used their own imaginations to demand design services. “During the interview, the students used skills to guide users to express their real difficulties and needs. And through this opportunity, we also understand that users are really different from what we think. We are usually too familiar with it. This service, on the contrary, did not see the blind spots of the service.” A colleague from the Taoyuan City Social Bureau who is also one of the transformation services shared her experience.

In the results presentation, we also specially invited the chiefs of various agencies to try out the simulation service designed by the students. The deputy director of the Forest Service actually operated the chat robot redesigned by the students through the ingeniously arranged situation of the students. “For us, this is really a good way to optimize the experience of the elderly!” The Forest Service also launched the bidding process for new services immediately after the meeting, hoping that this new experience can be provided to the general public in the near future People use.

Participation in the user interviews and tests led by youths by colleagues from the government agencies not only allows students to understand the challenges and difficulties encountered by the government in providing services. It also allows the organization to feel the full professionalism and enthusiasm of the classmates, and each time the participation of young people becomes the starting point of trust and partnership. Optimizing the big and small affairs around you and me requires everyone’s strength. Let us roll up our sleeves and make public services better!