On September 27th, the 19th Open Collaboration Meeting of Government Liaisons was held at the Finance and Taxation Information Center. This meeting is about the issue of teachers taking part in administrative positions. At present, due to the shortage of teachers, many schools are forced to ask teachers to take up administrative positions. However, when they are concurrently in administrative positions, on the one hand, the business is complicated, and they may not be able to take vacations during the winter and summer vacations, and the welfare is insufficient. Many teachers are not willing to take administrative positions. In the face of many official documents, complicated achievements and interview evaluations that have nothing to do with the front line of education, teachers who are concurrently in administrative positions face heavy work pressure. Therefore, under the proposal of Uma Wu, 9109 people have signed the "The primary and secondary school teachers should also take "assisted teaching" as the top priority, and the official documents, reports, plans, etc., which are not related to teaching, etc. It should be greatly reduced", I hope that the Ministry of Education can attach importance to concurrent administrative duties. Teacher, can ease the troubles of the first line teacher.

The people of the company pointed out that many schools have allowed many teachers to take up administrative positions in the absence of teachers. These administrative duties often require professional training to take up, but in the absence of posts, many teachers can only slap the scalp. In the absence of capacity, these administrative jobs will cause greater pressure on colleagues.

In addition to teaching, these teachers are forced to cope with many interview assessments and to produce reports on various outcomes. He hopes that through the reduction of administrative work, teachers can return to teaching and play their education majors. A principal also said that although the resources of the big and small schools have dropped, but because the evaluation projects are the same, the human resources of the small schools are more scarce, which makes the teachers more stressed.

The Ministry of Education explained that the Ministry of Education has found that many front-line teachers are forced to cope with many functions unrelated to teaching, and are studying to reduce the burden on school teachers. Relevant assessments and interviews, as well as related indicators, are also being reduced. However, in terms of posts, it is difficult to have a specific increase due to the total post method. Some procurement-related businesses may have to discuss with the engineering committee whether there is any possibility of amendment. After the report, the participants of the meeting and the Ministry of Education supplemented the clarified context and divided them into two groups to clarify whether there is any specific improvement method for administrative reduction and interview evaluation. After clarification, we found that in the part of reducing the administrative burden, it is necessary to establish a document filtering mechanism and hire professional personnel to fill it up. It may also be necessary for the small school to exempt some businesses. In terms of interview evaluation, it is best to first think about how to return to zero, to clarify which visit evaluations still exist, and to consider the different alumni of the university. While planning the evaluation indicators, it is also necessary to ensure that the first line of education practice can be matched.

After everyone's collaboration, the results will be in the form of a realtime board, and by Tang Feng Report to the Dean and related political commissars, the conference materials can be used as a reference for the follow-up policies of the Ministry of Education. After that, at the PO meeting every month, the results of the previous collaborative meetings are tracked.

Collaborative meeting to help participants see the context of the issue

The collaborative meeting is mainly carried out with sticky notes of different colors and posted in the corresponding positions to help participants think together. At the same time as the post-it notes, everyone will discuss and think about the content of the post-it notes, and then clarify the above description.

While clarifying the issue, the format of the collaborative meeting actually changed the participants' imagination of the topic. The colleagues in the Ministry of Education said that they found that the issue was not as simple as it was thought at the outset. In terms of manpower, it involved the Department of Labor and Manpower, and the school received many parts of the document that were less relevant to education. It is related to each ministry.

If you can hold a similar meeting focus several times, you can count more real stakeholders to discuss. The participating people also believe that the stakes of the collaborative meeting are insufficient, such as the role of parents, or even students, have not been put into discussion, I hope that similar collaborative meetings in the future can carefully count relevant stakeholders.

The form of collaborative meetings also gives the colleagues of the public service the opportunity to explain the difficulties in implementation. For the participating proposal teachers, through this collaborative meeting, they are more aware of the limitations faced by the Ministry of Education behind the issue. Some civil servants pointed out that when there are many policies to promote, if the designated school is the target of forwarding, and many targets are added, it can become part of the performance; plus many of the departments that the ministry thinks have a relationship with education, please The relevant units assist in forwarding, and these documents will become a burden on the school unit.

What should I do with this situation? In addition to suggesting that each ministry will pay attention to it, it can only be assisted by the Ministry of Education to conduct education majors, local government education bureaus, and schools to decide whether or not to implement them through the programs discussed in this collaborative meeting. As for other ways to increase the number of school posts, the Department of Personnel and the General Staff and the General Staff Law are involved. Therefore, the proposal teachers at the meeting can understand the difficulties of the Ministry of Education colleagues. The problem of not seeking human resources can be solved in a short period of time.

Is the communication pipeline unblocked? Different internal and external adjustments in the system

In terms of communication channels, colleagues in the public service system believe that, at present, the communication channel is smooth. Through the education bureau, the head office mailbox or the telephone, the grassroots teachers can reflect their opinions upwards. Not to silence.

However, the teachers of the proposal have different ideas. They said that if they reflect their opinions through these windows, it is easy to be known who they are, and they may be "not good" in the system. On the other hand, these channels are always reflected separately, once for the Education Bureau or the Ministry of Education. For colleagues, the scale of the problem may be misjudged. Through the joint platform of the Join platform, the Ministry of Education colleagues can recognize that the problem may involve a very wide range, or has evolved into a more severe situation.

People and business colleagues work together
People and business colleagues work together

The people in the meeting care about the follow-up results and follow-up

The people at the meeting said that before the proposal, many people poured cold water and thought that the platform of such a proposal was still in the end. All day, then?” They expect that, in addition to the release of collaborative meeting materials, follow-up can be followed by a way to track progress, or allow the sponsor to know the Ministry of Education regularly. Through such follow-up, they can really confirm that the collaborative meeting has really worked.

There are also people who attended the meeting mentioned that it is necessary to issue a tracking or evaluation report by the political commissar at a high level after the evaluation of each ministry, which will promote subsequent progress. However, for this point, Tang Feng believes that the responsibilities of the political commissar should be to coordinate the ministries and commissions. The follow-up process should not have the role of a political commissar as soon as possible, so that when he no longer serves as a political commissar, such a collaborative meeting will lose his role. It can't be done.

Although there is a period of adaptation in the promotion, through the practice again and again, the ministry and the official colleagues have begun to get used to the form of collaborative meetings and gradually internalized into the government.

The people came to the stage to report the results after the collaboration meeting
The people came to the stage to report the results after the collaboration meeting

Cultivating speculative skills in the form of collaborative meetings

People at the conference generally believe that the format of collaborative meetings is great. Such meetings make them feel that the government does open the door; and the principals attending the meeting said that He will bring this form of collaborative meeting back to school and try to communicate with the teacher and the school in a similar way. There are also teachers who pointed out that such a discussion method can help students develop their ability to think. You can try to build consensus in this way from an early age. For the environment, society, and the country, you can find out your own opinions through time and time again. Or, through such a collaborative meeting, try to convince others and test whether they are correct.

Perhaps, after repeated practice, the concept of open government can not only let the public colleagues learn new ways of communicating with the public, but also bring the people in the community to the various fields of the society and let more people Through speculation, try to care about public issues and think about the future direction of society.

Moderator Zhang Fangrui's handling after the report
Moderator Zhang Fangrui's handling after the report