If you are also a young person from 18 to 35 years old?

The Youth Development Agency of the Ministry of Education (hereinafter referred to as the “Youth Agency”) provides a “Public Sector Internship Program” every year in order to strengthen the ability of college students to enter the workplace to help students understand the operation and organization of government departments through public sector internships The process of cultural and public policy formation encourages young people to gain first-hand experience through actual participation, unveil the mystery of entering the public sector, and create opportunities for future participation in public affairs.

It just so happens that the Executive Yuan "Public Digital Innovation Space Group" has a plan…

In the “Rescue Action by Youth” (Rescue Action by Youth), the goal of the project is to test the compatibility of government websites with Safari browsers. The members of RAY are all youth partners who are trainees in the public sector of the Youth Department. Join the Youth Department project and have a two-month virtual and physical internship experience in the Public Digital Innovation Space Group of the Executive Yuan.

Since then, RAY2.0 and 3.0 will be launched every summer vacation, and the website of RAY 4.0 will be renovated in 2020. We will continue to invite 30 students from different colleges and universities, including service design, interface design, visual design, and information. Engineering and other talents with diverse backgrounds cooperated with the National Development Council and related ministries to design and develop the "prototype" of the website.

The Youth Department wanted to revamp the website, so…

Because one of the students of RAY 4.0 in 2020, the website of the Youth Department was the target of improvement, and the prototype of the website was completed during the internship . Therefore, when the revision work started, the Youth Department invited the four RAY 4.0 students (Huang Caiyuan, Weng Xuanqi, Yang Bozhi, Luo Wanting) to jointly develop and design with the manufacturer, except for the use of the iterative process in the RAY 4.0 project. The “prototype” produced was incorporated into the interview results of the “User Needs Test”, and repeated design, communication, and testing were conducted with the manufacturer. After three months of full dialogue, the Youth Agency, RAY 4.0, the manufacturer, and PDIS joined forces. Efforts to complete the revision of the new website.

What is Policy Co-creation Process?

The Policy Co-creation Process aims to provide a transparent track record regarding the diverse collaboration and co-creation among all stakeholders, on public policy and service improvements corresponding to societal needs. It is not a static record but rather dynamic -– to increase public participation and distributed decision-making through a shared context.

Just like the production and sales history of agricultural products, through the combination of pictures and texts, and equipped with interactive games, forming a complete policy history. Through the participation of young people in the operation of the government, the practice of adopting young people's analysis and opinions, the promotion of government's digital services, the successful establishment of collaborative cases, the continuous fermentation of positive influence, and the classic model of government and youth cooperation.

Policy Co-Creation Process