Covid-19 has created two parallel worlds in Taiwan and the rest of the world

The death of the disease has led to an unprecedented number of deaths. The epidemic has also hit the global economic and trade market hard, and the earth seems to stop turning.

But Taiwan is fortunate to live in a parallel world for two years compared to other countries

Taiwan was infected by the first type of legal infectious disease "Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome" (SARS) in 2002 Since then, a prevention and control and emergency response mechanism has been established. Therefore, when the Covid-19 epidemic is reprinted on the PPT version, it is convenient for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to quickly investigate and prevent the spread of the epidemic.

In order to reduce the possibility of any droplet infection, the government immediately launched the mask scheduling and production plan, and through cooperation with the "g0v Taiwan Zero Hour Government", the "real-time mask stock map" will be jointly developed within three days. And LINE Bot and other related services, so that Taiwanese people can quickly check and purchase masks accurately and smoothly when there is a shortage of masks but they are necessary, which will help Taiwan effectively control the epidemic in 2020.

The sudden outbreak of the epidemic must be a race against time

Due to the different cultures of different countries, the epidemic prevention strategies are different, and the virus mutates with time, so in 2021 "Delta" mutated virus Sweeping across countries, the "Delta" virus is characterized by: Easier human-to-human transmission, more severe COVID-19 disease, reduced susceptibility to natural infection or antibodies produced after vaccination, response to COVID-19 treatment or Precautions Viruses with reduced sensitivity or difficult to detect. suddenly broke out in May 2021 without warning of a large-scale community infection. The highest number of confirmed cases in a single day reached 700. The Taiwanese people who have achieved herd immunity with the vaccine are undoubtedly a sudden and extremely severe epidemic prevention challenge.

Public-private joint development process

The g0v community adheres to the community culture of joint cooperation and cooperation. At the beginning of the outbreak of the epidemic in May 2020, online discussions were launched immediately, and personal information should be taken into account. To protect, but also to obtain footprint data, it is like the choice between the left and the right of the scale, but the g0v community and the central government quickly forge consensus and solutions, and jointly create a "SMS" epidemic prevention policy that effectively obtains footprint data within a week. .

The "SMS Real Link System" takes personal data protection, fast and convenient design as the core concept, and collects personal data with "inaccurate positioning" and "code instead of store name" to completely ensure that people's data is not easily accessed. Improper collection, this is the important spirit of the "real-name system" of SMS "real-name system" to protect personal data.

At the same time, the government immediately launched an inter-ministerial coordination meeting, which not only strictly regulates the scope of implementation of relevant data "for use only for epidemic investigation", but also designed a separate design to protect the people's right to know the number of times personal data is used. sms1922 related supporting measures will allow the public and private to work together to create a people-oriented "SMS" epidemic prevention policy that is more comprehensive, and people can be trusted and used with peace of mind.

Policy History – Through the interactive method, the turning process of the meeting is presented in a complete and interesting way

"Policy History" is a brand-new "Policy Decision Process and Turning Point" using pictures and texts, And equipped with a new record of interaction and games. "Policy History" records the transitional context of key stakeholders encountering and solving problems, which is different from the previous "policy results" that the public only learned about through electronic media or news. The cooperation process is fully presented through the policy resume, so that the public can understand the reasons for the final research direction of the "policy outcome", effectively laying a good foundation for two-way communication.

Promoting public participation and decentralized decision-making through a common information thread, allowing the government and the private sector to create digital services, and continue to exert positive social influence by establishing successful case records!

Policy History